Jameela Jamil

Bikes & Cowboy Boots — Long Haul Paul

When the Coronavirus hit the fan, I was at Daytona Bike Week. Exactly one year later, I was back in Daytona, working the Yamaha Demo tent, sanitizing bikes between rides and keeping my masked face six feet away from everyone else. The 80th anniversary of the iconic event was certainly different this year. The ... Read more

Mallory Weggemann — Paralympic Athlete, Producer, Author

2021 was supposed to be an off-year for Mallory Weggemann. She should have recently competed in her third Paralympic Games. She should have been focusing her time on family. She should have been planning for having children. And she should have had some extra time to promote her newly released memoir, Limitless: The Power of ... Read more

Jameela Jamil Crossword Puzzle

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Mommy Loves Best — Humor Therapy

With Mother’s Day coming up I got thinking… how in God’s name did my mom do it? How did she raise four bratty, snot-nosed, dirty kids and keep her sanity? For close to twenty some years we stole every waking minute of her life with our wants and needs only to move on with ... Read more

Jennifer Goodman – Actor, Producer, Autism Activist, and Collaborator Ryan Atkins

Jennifer Goodman Karum is shifting perceptions of people with disabilities in entertainment. Goodman, an autistic actress, writer, producer and creator, collaborated with Ryan Atkins, himself a producer and creator, to found Lakefront Pictures. This Chicago-based production studio aims to amplify unheard voices. In their work, diversity and disability are evident in the talent, both on ... Read more

Face Masks and Lip Reading

The days are just flying by, SX (supercross) is in full swing and I have been watching every second of it. Unfortunately, right now they are on a three week break so that is kind of a bummer I have to go back to watching Netflix and not SX! I have even made my ... Read more

Omnium Circus — Accessibility and Inclusivity

Omnium Circus is one of the brightest innovations borne out of 2020. Founded by Lisa B. Lewis, it is a nonprofit circus of diverse, multi-abled performers that includes an aerialist born without legs, a clown who is deaf, a contortionist, and much more. Omnium’s mantra is accessibility and equity for all. And the talent is ... Read more

Chen Ang — Therapist

“Easy. You may feel your muscles stretching a bit, but it’s okay. I’ll take care of that.” The patient’s upper arm was held up in one hand, the wrist cupped by all five fingers of the other, so that her glenohumeral joint could be rotated gently in rhythm, as it was now, overseen by ... Read more

In the Business of Spreading Happiness: John’s Crazy Socks

Donuts, sushi, cute kittens or funny quotes: If you need a creative and fun pair of socks, John’s Crazy Socks will likely have what you are looking for. John Cronin is the co-founder and face of the most diversely stocked sock company in the world. Together with his dad Mark, John is on a ... Read more

Jameela Jamil: Advocate First, Actress Second

Jameela Jamil, known in the UK as a TV and radio presenter, gained popularity in the US for her role as Tahani Al-Jamil in NBC’s The Good Place. In disability circles, she is recognized as an advocate for disability rights, LGBTQ rights, body neutrality, and her work around social justice. Jamil lives with several chronic ... Read more