Jane Seymour Issue

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Jacob Wade — My Rock

Where do I begin to write about my brother Jacob? I have always wanted to write a piece about him because he is the most fascinating person I know. But it is difficult to find words to explain who he is, and what he means to me. He is the one person I wish ... Read more

Anomaly 23 —The Unlikely Heroes Journey

Like most of us, I’ve always believed in heroes. I had a lot of them growing up. They were regal forces of nature with out-of-this-world origin stories and exceptionally suave catchphrases that usually came with an accent. As much as I admired them, something was missing. I felt it nearly impossible to go on ... Read more

Jeff on a Roll — Camelrot

During the seventh century, England was a country split by northern and southern tribes living in various counties and villages. Times were hard as people struggled to support themselves with meager crops, fearing raids from by power-hungry kingdom grabbers and, for most, justice was just a flavor of the day. But soon, a Bretwalda ... Read more

Jane Seymour From the Heart

Jane Seymour has lit up the big screen for decades. Audiences first swooned over her classic English features as the James Bond girl in Live and Let Die and later in Somewhere in Time, a sci-fi romance in which she played the love interest of actor Christopher Reeve. She has built a robust career ... Read more

Xia Bojun and Mount Everest

Xia Bojun was born in Chongqing in 1949. He was the first disabled Chinese person to climb Mount Everest. In 1974, he was chosen to join the Chinese National Mountaineering Team. The first time he climbed Mount Everest was in 1975. He helped his teammates, but his legs froze and had to be amputated. ... Read more

Long Haul Paul — Riding Yamaha

It took me almost six years and over 300,000 miles, but I was finally able to convince a major manufacturer that my million-mile journey for multiple sclerosis (MS) was worthy of corporate backing. Factory supported riders are pretty common in televised motorcycle racing, dirt bike and arena cross racing, and most spectator driven two-wheeled ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Mountain Biking

Hello Moto fans! This summer is going by quickly and as usual it is not boring! Me, Lindsey and my brother, Kicker, left my parents at Fort Wilderness (Disney World resort campground) and headed out to Nashville and stayed at my friend, Natalie’s house. We went and watched a Monster Truck race and had ... Read more

Haiti’s Secretary Oriol Soars into Office, Again

Gerald Oriol, Jr. served as Haiti’s Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities from October 2011 to April 2016. During this five-year period, he was profiled three-times in ABILITY Magazine. This article is an update on Oriol’s first fifteen months back in office as the Haitian government’s top representative working on ... Read more