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Exceptional Minds

Most people are aware of the low rates of unemployment and underemployment of people with autism. Exceptional Minds seeks to change that, one career at a time. Exceptional Minds is an academy and studio preparing young adults on the autism spectrum for careers in animation, visual effects, 3D gaming and other related fields in ... Read more

Paralympics wins with Panasonic Robots

2020 is a year we couldn’t forget no matter how hard we tried. Covid-19 took over the world in the blink of an eye, putting everyone’s plans on hold, and causing every soul to hold their breath, waiting to exhale into what we would hope to be normality and familiarity of the world we ... Read more

Wu You — Poet

She likes Du Fu’s heartfelt openness of “singing in the daytime, indulging in wine, youth as a companion and returning home”, and admiring Su Shi’s open-mindedness of “the boat passes away from now on, the river and the sea send the rest of my life”. In Wu You’s view, poetry and literature are both ... Read more

“What?” — An interview with John Maucere

John Maucere deaf actor, comedian and film maker, known for “No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie”, just celebrated his latest project called “What?” This is Maucere’s latest movie! Wait, what? Yes, “What?” The name of the movie. The movie is modeled after the slapstick silent films of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. “What?” takes ... Read more

Reminder? Forget about it! — Long Haul Paul

Having cognitive issues wasn’t always accepted as a common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. I don’t remember when that changed, but it was sometime in the last 20 years. Today Dr. Google claims half of all MS patients experience cognitive changes and deficits and my disease riddled brain would wager the number of patients experiencing ... Read more

Utah’s my new home — Ashley Fiolek

Things are crazy in Utah! A lot has been going on, I have done a couple of classes, went on a few weekend adventures and moved into a house! I will try and fill ya in…. I had a couple of classes in Colorado and also in Ogden Utah. In Utah the class was ... Read more

Universal Design — A Love Story by Colleen Starkloff

Since the 1970’s and long before the passing of the ADA, Colleen Starkloff was part of the disability rights movement of individuals working toward societal change. Her work started serendipitously when Colleen was fresh out of physical therapy school; she met Max Starkloff, renowned activist, advocate, quadriplegic and the love of her life. Together, ... Read more

The Deadliest Disease in America

“Nobody wanted to talk about what racism looks like in healthcare,” said Crystal R. Emery, filmmaker, author, activist, and public speaker, speaking of her challenges in making her latest documentary. In “The Deadliest Disease in America,” Emery traces the history of racism in American healthcare and unveils the continuing disparities in the quality of ... Read more

ALL RIDERS: The battle for accessibility of New York City’s metro system

The new documentary ALL RIDERS highlights the ongoing fight for accessibility – specifically, access to the metro system – in New York City. In an emotional 15-minute documentary, director Victor Dias Rodrigues and producer Branton Choi take their audience on a journey through New York’s underground and portray the lost and won battles: for ... Read more

John Maucere Crossword Puzzle

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