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Justin Baldoni — Interview with the Renaissance Man

There is no “I” in Wayfarer A feng shuied, industrial room invites us in as we prepare for our interview with Justin Baldoni. Baldoni plays Rafael Solano on the hit TV Show, Jane the Virgin. If you haven’t seen the show, picture an American telenovela, which takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride ... Read more

Fun and Hectic

My summer has been crazy, fun and hectic. I had to travel all over the US to do AFMX schools. I taught them in Texas, Illinois, Colorado and Washington. They were a lot of fun, and I got to bring my bike, so I had the chance to ride with everyone at all the ... Read more

Sports — Diplomacy to Touch the World

For the hundredth time, she wrapped her hands tightly around the barbell and breathed in deeply. She pushed the weight up over the rack and waited for the signal from the judge. For a moment, she blocked out every other thought and concentrated on only one task: bringing the weight down onto her chest ... Read more

James McEachin — Actor, Author, Silver Star & Purple Heart Recipient

James McEachin is a Silver Star and Purple Heart recipient, veteran of the Korean War, an accomplished actor, and an award-winning author. McEachin is perhaps best known for his roles on Perry Mason, Matlock, Play Misty For Me, and his NBC series Tenafly. He enjoyed an illustrious career and eventually retired. Since retirement, McEachin ... Read more

Grinding to the American Dream Part 2

(Continued from Part 1…) Ugolini had used his savings to buy a shoe shinning kit. He set up his station on the corner of Seventh and Main. People would recognize him and ask where his cute little monkey was. He would always respond, “Whatta monkey? I never knowa a monkey.” One day, Becky stopped ... Read more

Be Counted

For nearly four decades, I’ve been a stand-up comedian. I began honing my craft in 1978, inching out into the spotlight on clubs’ amateur nights. I found that people can be uncomfortable with letting go and laughing; they tend to think that you’re supposed to take life seriously, so I put them at ease ... Read more

Nic Novicki Part 2

During a conversation with ABILITY’s Chet Cooper, Lia Martirsyan and actress Christina Cannarella, Novicki spoke passionately about this year’s Film Challenge, his origins in the entertainment industry, and why we don’t see more people with disabilities in films. …Continued from previous issue Cannarella: What do you like better, stand-up or acting? Novicki: I like ... Read more

A Quarter Turn

No one picks up a penny, some people stop for a dime, but everyone picks up a quarter because it still has value. A fourth, as they say in the liquor business, is 3/4 less than a whole. A quarter of a pizza is like Pac-Man if he opened his mouth twice as wide. ... Read more

Cai Cong — “He Broke the Stereotype”

He has rarely been seen in public, and he is unlike other people with disabilities we have seen. He is neither angry nor bitter, and he is not filled with hatred. He is not full of self-pity, and he is not miserable. He is a humble, little man, both humorous and witty. What he ... Read more

Shower safety — Student Veteran Entrepreneur

Showering on two Legs – Luxury or Necessity? Trying to shower safely is the single worst part of my day, every day.” Frank Jones, a motorcycle mechanic who had one leg amputated in 2009 as a result of complications due to a 1993 motorcycle accident, has managed quite well in working around living without ... Read more

Disclosure Decisions: Pros and Cons

Workplace Disclosure Whether or not to disclose a disability at work is an important and potentially stressful decision. Decisions about disclosure and the responses of supervisors and coworkers to this information can significantly influence employees’ workplace experiences. Concern about possible mistreatment in the workplace is a primary reason why individuals with disabilities are reluctant ... Read more