Nic Novicki Issue

Nic Novicki, The Challenge. Novicki looks forward smiling, sitting in a leather arm chair.

Charlotte Rae–The Facts of Her Life-Part 2

On a beautiful Los Angeles afternoon in a high-rise overlooking the city, contributing writers Geri Jewell and David Zimmerman had a wonderful visit with the legendary actress Charlotte Rae. Both Jewell and Rae starred in the 80s sitcom The Facts of Life. They were joined by publicist and friend, B. Harlan Boll, for a ... Read more

Busy Summer

Since I am the ambassador for Husqvarna I am always involved when they do special events for women, and as I have mentioned in the past they put on quite a few of these which are always amazing! Recently we did a Babes Ride Out Day, it was April 27-29th in Gorman California, it ... Read more

Grinding to the American Dream

The passenger ship pulled into Ellis Island on a hot summer day. The newly arrived Italian immigrants poured off the ship with hopes of finding a better life. Among them was Ugolini, an older man in his sixties, who was short with well-toned, aged muscles that were covered by bushels of curly hair. He ... Read more

Hollywood Gala for MS

As I stood watching the celebrities parade down the carpet, I thought it might be fun to pretend I was one of them, and after repeated rejections, I finally found a willing accomplice to escort through all the flashing bulbs and microphone pokes of the paparazzi. “Do you want to walk the carpet?” I ... Read more

Darrell Gulin — Shaking Up the World of Photography

Darrell Gulin has a profession most of us can only dream about. He travels the globe, from Antarctica and Africa to Asia and Europe, capturing rare and exquisite moments in nature, whether its baby leopards gamboling in Kenya, polar bears leaping off ice floes or acres of blooming bluebonnets in Texas. A full-time nature/travel ... Read more

Nic Novicki–Film Challenge

For Nic Novicki, there’s no task too great. Whether in front of the camera, where he’s acted on The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and Private Practice or behind the scenes writing, directing and producing short films, web series, or independent feature films, the guy is adept at just about any role he finds himself in. ... Read more

Syrian Refugees–“We Left Everything Behind”

One hundred fifty-three years ago, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman issued his definitive statement on war: “War is Hell.” In 2013, Syrian Christians and Damascus residents 14-year-old Mariamma (Mary) and her 16-old brother Outha (Joseph) were caught in the middle of a battle between rebels and government forces. They decided to split up. While ... Read more

War on Disability–Refugees Face Unique Challenges

Since the beginning of the war in Syria, thousands of refugees with disabilities have tried to escape to Europe, facing scarcity, death, and war, without the proper assistance and protection to meet their basic needs. Reports show that approximately 30% of crisis migrants from Syria have special needs due to physical, sensory, or intellectual ... Read more

Leigh Koechner–In the Moment

By nature, Leigh Koechner is openly raw and honest but also blessed with a lightness of being. She’s funny and quirky, too. A mother of five—with husband actor David Koechner—she does stand up, creates a variety of videos, and is the parenting expert for Jiyo, a personal well-being app. ABILITY’s Chet Cooper and Lia ... Read more

Focus On the Positive

In looking at the world today, I recognize that it’s not the same world that my parents experienced, or even the one I remember growing up. Too many people lack compassion for those who are different—be it another ethnicity, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or class. In some ways these prejudices have always existed, ... Read more