Google Developer Studio Hosted: Accessibility and Inclusion Strategies for Video Production

Google Studio LabGoogler Brian Grady, famed videographer, hosted the “Accessibility and Inclusion Strategies for Video Production” at Google’s Sunnyvale Campus (11/12/19)


An introduction to Accessibility from a user’s perspective
Christian Vogler, PhD, – Director, Technology Access Program, Gallaudet University

Christian Vogler, PhD
Christian Vogler, PhD

Chet Cooper with the “ABILITY Collective” ABILITY Magazine,, ABILITYJobFair and ABILITY Corps highlighted Google’s role in the first accessible face-to-face video online career fair. Cooper, once part of National Lampoon, also discussed unconscious bias and how it shapes our perception of people with disabilities.

Making Video Technology More Accessible
Matt Jefferson, WW Director Developer Relations, Blackmagic Designs

Chet Cooper
Chet Cooper and Black Magic Podcast studio

Introduction to VITAC Realtime Captions and Audio descriptions
Ann Cannon, Vitac

AI and Machine Learning and Closed Captioning
David W. Franza, Founder & President, TIPLynx LLC

Inclusive production/Inclusive Content
Liên Johnson, Founder PHNX Creative,  spoke on designing and producing inclusive content by curating socially responsible teams and cultivating a heart forward work environment. PHNX was founded on the principles of equality, transparency, and inclusion, whereby every team has at least 50% women and/or underrepresented minorities on every project.

Training people with exceptional abilities to work in the Special FX industry
Jeffrey Shapiro, Executive Director Exceptional Minds
Exceptional minds trains adults with autism to become artists and animators. Graduating individuals get opportunities such as internships and employment with major motion pictures – as in Marvel

Jeffrey Shapiro, Exceptional Minds
Jeffrey Shapiro, Exceptional Minds

Advancements in Closed Captioning Panel:
Ted Collins – Vitac
Ed Delaney – The Switch Productions
Dave Franza – TIPLynx LLC
Matt Jefferson – Blackmagic Designs
Christian Vogler, PhD, – Gallaudet University

Ted Collins, Ed Delaney, Dave Franza, Matt Jefferson, Christian Vogler
Ted Collins, Ed Delaney, Dave Franza, Matt Jefferson and Christian Vogler

Inclusiveness in Production Panel:
Jeffery Shapiro Exceptional Minds
Liên Johnson of PHNX Creative
Chet Cooper and Shelley Rohe of abilityE

Jeffrey Shapiro, Chet Cooper, Liên Johnson and Shelley Rohe
Jeffrey Shapiro, Chet Cooper, Liên Johnson and Shelley Rohe

Meet up included networking and tech demos from Blackmagic Designs and Luxli Lighting

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