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Title Q & A, Anneliese London, M A
Q & A, Anneliese London, M A

Q: What are the differences between the flu and a cold and what natural remedies can I use to get well? A: What the common cold and influenza (the flu) have in common is that they are both respiratory infections that target your breathing passages and are both caused by viruses that create a variety of bodily aches, pains and discomforts They are different in that the viruses come from different virus families thereby creating different degrees of symptoms.

Some symptoms of the common cold:

• watery eyes

• runny or stuffy nose

• low-grade fever

• fatigue

• headache

• mild cough

• mild throat irritation

• mild muscle ache

• feel “uncomfortable”

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Some flu symptoms:

• all symptoms are more severe and could become more serious than a cold

• symptoms last longer than a cold

• feel “miserable”

• fever range of 100-103″ F

• sore throat

• itchy red eyes

• irritating cough with mucus

• substantial head and muscle ache

Both can be spread person-to person by coughing, sneezing. kissing or shaking hands. But more frequently, infection is spread by touching virus-contaminated surfaces like door knobs and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth Ultimately it is the strength of the immune system that will decide who gets sick and who doesn’t Viruses invade us when our immune system’s resistance is low.

Here’s what you can do to get well Eat the herbs and foods that health experts recommend for their health giving and immune boosting ingredients:

• Astragalus, an Asian root that increases germ-fighting white blood cells.

• Garlic and onions for their natural antibiotic properties. To get the greatest potency of the antiviral compounds eat cloves uncooked

• Cayenne, found in chiles, contain capsaicin which helps heal irritated mucosa tissues, increases circulation, opens nasal pas sages and facilitates drainage.

• Oranges and other orange fruits and vegetables for the antioxidant vitamin C which is most potent when eaten raw. Vitamin C stimulates white blood cells. macrophage and interferon which attack viruses.

• Use medicinal herbs such as licorice, goldenseal, hawthorn and echinacea. Take only according to the manufacturers label and look for guaranteed potency and purity. Also recommended for fatigue and increasing stamina by promoting healthy lung function is CordyMax Cs-4TM from Pharmanex (800-780-5180).

• Ginger root contains gingerols that help relieve fever and coughing. This root is full of antiviral compounds and when eaten freshly grated could help prevent infection.

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Besides ingesting natural healing agents, don’t forget to maintain good hygiene and wash your hands frequently. Lather with soap for at least 30 seconds. Drink lots of water to keep mucus membranes moist, get enough sleep and lower your stress. Don’t forget that old stand by, chicken soup. Sip a savory bowl of chicken soup. Sprinkle some cayenne pepper in it and you’re on the way to healing.

For a free flu brochure and newsletter call 1-800-LUNG USA. For more information including a snapshot of the flu virus access the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention ( ).

Q: I’m a 42-year-old woman and I would like to start exercising, but I’m a chronic couch potato. Do you think having a list of benefits from fitness experts and the medical profession would get me up and moving?

A: Absolutely! Having a list and checking it twice, twice a day that is. will reinforce the power of each benefit. By the way, admitting that you are a couch potato is a great start because you’re not in denial about being sedentary. In other words, admitting you have a problem is the first step. Now let’s look at some scientifically proven benefits:

• According to Robert R. Yeung, a researcher at the University of London, physical activity has a positive effect on one’s mood. It not only alleviates a bad mood, it enhances a good one. So I say, “to get a smile, walk a mile.”

• Robert Dustman, Ph.D., a research psychologist says “People who stay fit are better off mentally no matter how old they are.” Dr. Dustman’s studies showed that aerobic exercise boosts brainpower and strengthens the mind as well as the muscles.

• Harvard University found that the more a woman exercises, the less likely she will get colon cancer. “Since colon cancer is the third most common cause of cancer mortality among women. non-active women would be wise to increase physical activity.”

• Lawrence Golding, Ph. D., professor and director of exercise physiology at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas says. “Much of what we think of as an inevitable part of the aging process is actually a result of being sedentary.” His study proved that disuse is the culprit that creates aging. Regular stretching completely eradicated any loss of flexibility and stiff ness associated with age.. The study proved that aerobic capacity, body composition and strength will not fade with age when a regular fitness program is used.

• Experts suggest a practical, safe, simple, yet effective approach is best for beginners. like walking or doing strength building and flexibility exercises in your home while watching TV. An excellent Strength Training Kit is made by Simple Fitness Solutions TM (888-283 0292). It is also inexpensive.

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Q: I have chronic muscle tension from work stress and driving. I feel like I’m all knotted up, my neck is tight, and my back has spasms. How effective is massage therapy for work stress and tension? Where do I find a practitioner? What affordable massage tools do you recommend?

A: Massage is one of the most effective ways to reduce work induced muscle tension, fatigue, stress, body aches and spasms. In addition to physically relaxing the body and loosening knotted muscles, massage can also:

• calm the nervous system

• relieve tension headaches

• lower blood pressure

• reduce chronic pain

• help heal specific medical conditions

• increase blood and lymph circulation

• promote better sleep

• reduce mental stress and moods

To find a massage therapist in your area call. The American Massage Therapy Association (609-782 1616). In between sessions, give yourself a massage using The Knobble or Diskin (800-959 8342) from Knobble Associates. These economical, sturdy, and versatile bodywork tools are so effective many hospitals and clinics use them. Self-massage gives you a measure of control. Just knowing there is something you can do to take care of yourself helps you feel less at the mercy of external events. I also recommend calling your local Relax The Back Store (626-793 1966). They will assist you in finding the right massage tool for your specific ailment.

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