Hurricane Preparedness

Free online toolkit and Pledge to Prepare to help spread the word and take action

Federal Emergency Management AgencyOfficially, the 2013 hurricane season begins June 1 and extends through November 30. Since severe weather can occur at anytime and anywhere, the time to formulate how you will respond is now. It is important to know about the hazards and risks associated with the upcoming season and take the necessary actions to protect your loved ones, homes and businesses. To assist you, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has developed free online tools to help you prepare and spread the message of hurricane preparedness.

They have further created the Hurricane Preparedness pledge to provide an opportunity for people to join together in a collective outreach and empower the stakeholders to take the time now to increase the level of readiness to confront all emergencies as hurricane season approaches. You can promote action on this important issue by encouraging those around you to take the Pledge to Prepare. The Pledge identifies the critical elements of readiness by educating those in hurricane prone areas to know their risk, take appropriate actions to prepare, and inspire others to do the same. An informed and motivated public will greatly add to the ability to respond and recover from the potential devastating effects a tropical storm or hurricane can bring as well as directly saving lives and minimizing property damage.

What is the Pledge to Prepare Campaign?

By taking the Pledge you and your stakeholders commit to the following steps towards making families more prepared for the impact of all hazards, not just hurricanes and tropical storms.

  • Know Your Risk: Be Informed; Hurricane hazards come in many forms: storm surge, high winds, tornadoes, and flooding.
  • Make A Plan: Develop a family emergency plan that includes how to communicate if power or telecommunications are disrupted.
  • Build a Kit: Create or update your family’s emergency supply kit, remember to save important papers electronically in a safe place.
  • Get Involved: Volunteer in your community for CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Teams). You can also join the 30,000 members of the National Preparedness Coalition and share what you have done to prepare with communities and preparedness professionals across the country.

Preparedness is an individual responsibility, but it cannot be done alone. It is only by working together through the whole community approach across government, businesses, faith-based and community organizations that you can achieve your goal of strengthening your capability to prepare, protect, respond to, recover, and mitigate all hazards.

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