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Know Your Audience

“Our Age of Anxiety’ is, in great part, a result of trying to do today’s job with yesterday’s tools – with yesterday’s concepts. -Marshall McLuhan “AII I know is what I read in the papers.” This old joke is grossly underestimated. Lines between tabloid journalism. hard news and entertainment are so vague these days ... Read more

Is The Aids Virus A Disability Or Not?

By Gretta J. Sancho, J.D. Quiz 1: Sidney decides it is time for a dental checkup and makes an appointment with Dr. Bragdon. When she arrives at his office, she indicates on her Patient Registration and Health Record form that she has HIV asymptomatic HIV, but HIV nonetheless. Dr. Bragdon examines Sidney and diagnoses ... Read more

The Sauce Bunch

The roaring twenties were a time filled with excitement; the Charleston, big band, rumble seats, and all night parties. Prohibition was present throughout most of the decade but not many people noticed they were too drunk. Prohibition was a statement made by the Federal government that simply said. “We don’t want your money any- ... Read more


Depression, the common cold of America. The illness no one wants to talk T about. It permeates our society crossing boundaries of race, gender and socioeconomic class. We whisper well wishes and wonder (as if it were the plague) how this ever happened. The truth is, daily exposure to the stresses and strains of ... Read more

Tipper Gore

The marble echo of my own To footsteps down the long, hallowed hallway of the Old Executive Office Building sounded ominous as I headed toward Tipper Gore’s office. As Murphy’s Law would have it, I had chosen the building entrance farthest from Mrs. Gore’s office and there were extra moments to ponder enticingly contradictory ... Read more

An American Wheelchair In London

After spending three weeks touring the pubs, palaces, and parties of London, I Found only one place a wheelchair traveler should avoid a cobble stone street on a full bladder. I know to the general public the phrase “wheelchair traveler” may seem like an oxymoron-they don’t belong in the same sentence After all, there ... Read more


Dr.: Do you hear voices? Patient: Do I hear voices? I hear voices. People talk. Do I hear voices? No… People talk. I hear voices when people talk. Throughout the examination, He made repetitive chewing and biting motions… He seemed unresponsive to much of what was going on around him.. If this interview had ... Read more

Justice For All – Justin Dart

JUSTIN DART, JR. 907 6TH STREET, S. W WASHINGTON, DC 20024 The Hon. William F. Winter, Chairman U.S. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations 800 K Street, NW Washington, DC 20575 Dear Gov. Winter: THE RECENT PRELIMINARY ACIR REPORT ON UNFUNDED MANDATES made several positive recommendations. It also included misleading and otherwise irresponsibly negative references ... Read more

Paralympic Stuntwoman

The first Paralympic Games were held in Rome in 1960 and have been held every Olympic year since then, usually in the city or country hosting the Olympic Games. A new page in Paralympic history was written when, in 1988, the Paralympic Games were held immediately following the Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea, using ... Read more

A Call For Aktion

Perhaps autumn is his favorite time of year, for he knows the howling, bone-dry Santa Ana winds will rip across the Southern California landscape, sucking the last bit of moisture from vegetation that has been baking all summer long. Conceivably, the arsonist felt powerful as he lit the single match that sparked what would ... Read more

Mental Illness – Employer Overview

Symptoms of mental illness generally present themselves in a person’s behavior and personal habits, such as changes in mood, eating or sleeping habits, and personality. While a single symptom or isolated event is rarely a sign of mental illness, a symptom that occurs frequently, lasts for several weeks, or becomes a general pattern of ... Read more