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Alexandra Paul – Baywatch’s Ironwoman

Alexandra Paul is very much in earnest. She became socially responsible at an early age and has actively supported numerous, significant causes. An exciting talent, Alexandra has excelled as a model and actress, and she vigorously trained for and participated in the World Ironman Triathlon Championships in Hawaii this s past October. She is ... Read more

Do-It: Designing an Accessible Web Site

John, a high school student, cruises the Internet for information about potential colleges to attend. Blind since birth, he uses a text-based Web browser called Lynx. He has a screen reader and voice synthesizer on his computer so that the screen is read aloud. He encounters a Web site with a campus map and ... Read more

Breast Cancer Treatment and Prevention

In July of 1997, the Breast Cancer World Conference, held in Ontario Canada, concluded that “the dis ease is now reaching epidemic proportions, with over one million women worldwide dying of it annually.” What makes this statement even more poignant for Americans is the fact that, unlike many other deadly afflictions, breast cancer is ... Read more

Lie Down and Get To Work

Bill Fletcher was an athletic teenager who, like most 15 year old, felt invincible when playing sports. He was lettered in football and swam competitively. Bill never suspected a minor injury to his back during a game of football would affect him for years to come. Although his recovery was swift at the time, ... Read more

HIV, AIDS, and Protease Inhibitors

In the three years since they were first introduced, protease inhibitors have dramatically improved the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS. Unfortunately, they are not working for everyone. Steve is a 33-year-old man living in Los Angeles, one of the areas hardest hit by HIV and AIDS. He has a successful career ... Read more

Casey Martin, Tiger Woods and The PGA

Who would have ever thought to look at professional golf as an agent of cultural change? Yet in the past year Tiger Woods and Casey Martin have forced many Americans to face two of their most deep-seated cultural prejudices through their play on the professional links. This has been somewhat surprising considering the legacy ... Read more

Sex and The Single Paraplegic

It was only 15 days until Christmas, and the first thing I remember is visions of sweet, supple sugarplums dancing through my head. I took this as a good sign, but it turned out to be my two intensive care nurses-lovely, nurturing, feminine forms moving in and out of vision as I slipped in ... Read more


BAKED CHICKEN BREAST WITH FRESH BASIL This is a great choice for dinner parties because it can be prepared in advance. It’s important to use fresh basil in this easy yet tasty dish that goes well with all vegetables. Make your own fresh bread crumbs in a food processor because store-bought ones are too ... Read more

Humor Therapy

Over the years, many great athletes have emerged from the Winter Olympics: The 1980 U.S.A. hockey team, Peggy Fleming, Alberto Tomba, Eddy “The Eagle”, Dan Jansen, and-of course-the Jamaican Bobsled foursome. It is easy to remember the heroes who were lucky enough to win a medal, but what about the ones that trained a ... Read more