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The YogAbility Institute, a no profit organization, provides a therapeutic approach to yoga for people, with special needs or disabilities. YogAbility is comprised of a series of gentle poses, combined with breathing exercises that increase motor skills and concentration. This compassionate practice quiets the nervous system, builds muscular strength, flexibility and coordination, while promoting ... Read more

Road To Work Series – Tips For Employers

In the last issue of ABILITY we examined practical and no/low-cost modifications and accommodations that employers could do for their workers with autism, those with dyslexia, and those who are returning to work following a traumatic brain injury. In this issue we will be looking at three other categories of disability: workers with intellectual ... Read more

ABILITY House — Washington D.C. Project

new ABILITY House kicked off with a ground-breaking ceremony on October 15 in Washington, D.C. The construction site was in the Capitol Hill Historic District. The new ABILITY House is being built for Ms. Annie Delois Whren who has multiple disabilities. Ms. Whren, is a great-grandmother who worked countless hours and made numerous personal ... Read more

Me And My Shadow – Book Review On Multiple Sclerosis

Carole Mackie is a vibrant, pretty, 23 year-old British Airways stewardess. She is on a flight to the one destination she’s been longing for a trip to Rio. Car ole has relatively few cares in the world. She has a committed boyfriend, money in the bank, a secure future as a stewardess and an ... Read more

Diversity Includes Disability

 Workforce diversity has become a major management strategy for many employers in the 1990’s because it makes good business sense. A diverse workforce gives companies a competitive advantage by enabling them to better meet the needs of their customers, successfully compete in the global marketplace, and hire from an expanded labor pool. Managing diversity ... Read more

Wouldn’t it Be Nice – Interview with Ray Kurzweil

Some people really make a difference in the lives of others. Ray Kurzweil is one of these special people. He has helped people who are blind to read, students and adults with a variety of learning disabilities to participate in class and enjoy education, and individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome and other physical difficulties ... Read more

Sports For Everyone – A Visit To Winter Park, Colorado

Hal O’Leary’s first ski lesson for someone with a disability was turning out to be a disaster. It was gray, windy and bleak not a typical Colorado day. The instructor at Winter Park Resort was teaching 23 children with amputations from Children’s Hospital in Denver. Lying in the snow, they were miserable from the ... Read more

Breast Cancer – Update On Female Breast Cancer

As an art student in college, I remember the first time I painted a disrobed model. I had chosen to place my easel in the front of the class and practically fainted when our model stripped down just a few feet away. I had never been in a predicament like that and I think ... Read more

The Wellness Community – Cancer Support

What One Facility In Southern California Offers Cancer Patients One of the things Janet Kraemer, Ph.D. likes best about her work as Program Director at The Wellness Community (TWC) Foothills in Pasadena, California, is that she is part of the “life-giving” energy that it creates. For Dr. Kraemer the idea of “community”-reaching out to ... Read more

Holiday Baking

Making Baking Easier Now is the time for serious bakers to begin making mountains of cookies in anticipation of the holidays. But what is supposed to be a pleasurable endeavor may become painful for people with arthritis and other physical challenges. With the right utensils and some minor adjustments, however, holiday baking can become ... Read more

Healthful Hints Q & A – Gift Of Personal Growth

Q. This year I want to select holiday gifts that reflect some of the new millennium trends which encourage personal growth and spiritual development. What gift ideas can you suggest? A. In the new millennium words such as wellness, balance, energy healing, sacred spaces, sanctuaries and spirit will be the buzz words. People are ... Read more

Humor Therapy – The Citrus Affair

Chapter One “Call the P.M.” “We can’t do that sir. He’s still on holiday in Tuscany, staying at the luxurious villa of that international media mogul…” “I don’t care. This is serious. We have to tell him.” Things were not going according to plan in the offices of M13 3/4. From the outside, it ... Read more