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Wirth the Lire

Few people can enjoy lives that seem to come from the pages of a best selling romantic novel…living in the heart of Rome and having dignitaries and celebrities seeking your company…taking part in daily activities that excite the imagination and the senses. Magnificently positioned on the top of one of the Seven Hills of ... Read more

Foudy Julie

She is the co-captain and star midfielder of the reigning FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion K.J U.S. Soccer Team, and has represented her country at the highest level of international competition since 1988. when she was just 17. In addition to the World Cup. she earned an Olympic Gold Medal in 1996 and a ... Read more

John Callahan — The Cartoonist

circa 2001 The immediate thing most first-time viewers probably notice about “Pelswick,” the bright, 13-year-old protagonist of the Nickelodeon cartoon series that premiered last fall, is that he uses a wheelchair. It doesn’t take long, however, to discover that what really stands out in the plucky character are his fearlessness, wry sense of humor and talent ... Read more

Jack Lemmon Interview with Chet Cooper

Editor's Note: This was Jack Lemmon's last interview. Keeping his fight with cancer private (1925 – 2001) He is recognized as one of the greatest comedy actors in motion picture history, yet Jack Lemmon has been awarded a Best Actor Oscar and an Emmy for his dramatic work. As the scheming Ensign Pulver in ... Read more