Laura Dern Issue


Laura Dern Issue

Articles in the Laura Dern Issue; Ashley Fiolek — Happiest Riding!; Humor — Come Back as a Kitty Cat; Geri Jewell — Real Connections; China — School for Everyone; CC Brown — Annual Mammogram Scam; Long Haul Paul — NO Car for Me; Lyme Disease — An Artist and Her Sparkle; Costa Rica — Vice President Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría; Richard Pryor — MS on Fire (The ARCHIVE Files); Special Olympics — Preparing #LA2015; Recipes — Sweet Treats; Laura Dern — WILD & Enlightened; Cornell — Section 503, New Rules; Nick Vujicic — Excerpts from Love Without Limits

NICK VUJICIC — Excerpts from Love Without Limits

Q&A WITH NICK AND KANAE VUJICIC Nick, you were worried that you would never find a woman who could love you. How did those insecurities affect your relationship with Kanae? How did she help you overcome those doubts? All my insecurities were gone out the window as I saw how Kanae looked at me, ... Read more

CORNELL — Section 503 New Rules

When Sally Jones (not her real name) applied for a nursing job, she worried about what she might be asked during the interview. During college, she was briefly hospitalized for severe depression. Though she has been fine since then, Sally feared she would not be hired if the employer found out. And she had reason to fear. Four months ago, this ... Read more

RECIPES — Sweet Treats

[x_columnize]No-Bake Cookies In recent years, granola has gotten a bad rap for being a high-fat, high-calorie “health” food. Although granola and muesli are excellent sources of fiber, the main nutritional information to evaluate is sugar, calories, and fat grams. Most commercial granolas are toasted and sweetened, which means added fat, sugar, and calories. The ... Read more

SPECIAL OLYMPICS — Preparing #LA2015

My husband and I are preparing for the upcoming 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles. It’s set to be the largest sports and humanitarian event anywhere in the world that year, and the single biggest event in LA since the 1984 Olympics. There’ll be 7,000 athletes from around the world who’ll ... Read more


Circa 1997 Right away, it’s obvious that press interviews aren’t one of comedian Richard Pryor’s favorite things. But he’s hip to the drill; when you’ve got a new book on the market, hyping it goes with the territory. Pryor Convictions and Other Life Sentences (published by Pantheon) is a memoir that takes readers from ... Read more

COSTA RICA — Vice President Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría

Bordering Nicaragua and Panama on the narrow isthmus of Central America, Costa Rica is a country known for its natural features—lush rainforests, exotic wildlife and stunning geographical diversity. Peaceful and democratic since it abolished its military in 1949, this tiny enclave of four million is considered one of the most progressive and stable countries ... Read more

LYME DISEASE — An Artist and Her Sparkle

After being chronically ill for the past two decades, the now frail artist has recently been diagnosed with the cause-positive Lyme band findings, coupled with Multi-Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS). These invisible illnesses, as they’re often referred, are debilitating in many ways. Erin Fromkes channels her talents through art making and is emerging onto ... Read more

NO Car for Me

I am often asked, why? Why do I ride in the pouring rain? Why do I ride in the black of night? Why do I ride in the bitter cold of winter? My motorcycle license plate reads NOCAR, and here is why I ride my motorcycle every day. Forty years ago, I had the ... Read more

CC BROWN — Annual Mammogram Scam

After my uneventful annual mammogram in the summer of 2011, I received one of those all too familiar notices from the hospital saying that I needed to come back in for another look at my left breast. I was not upset in any way, but for some reason I made an appointment with a ... Read more

School for Everyone

In Mu Mengjie’s 49th birthday last spring, people in the rural area where he lives threw him a birthday celebration for his coming 50th year. Mu was named one of China’s 10 most inspiring people for his commitment to educating children who, too often, have been turned away from conventional schools. Early on Mu’s ... Read more

Real Connections

It’s 2015, and we live in a world where it’s easier than ever to stay connected to loved ones. However, because there are so many different ways to communicate, sometimes we actually communicate less than we did before we were bombarded with all this technology. Think about it… Flashback to the 70’s and 80’s. ... Read more

Come Back as a Kitty Cat

I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I could come back as any animal after my death, it would be a kitty cat. As a writer, I’m at home throughout the day and able to observe my cat, Olaf, as he goes about his life. It’s not much of a life but, damn, does he have it good. Too ... Read more

Happiest Riding!

  Since I’ve done riding, racing, acting and stunt work, a few of my friends from the recent Marvel show suggested that I go after even more acting and stunt gigs. So I signed up on a number of acting sites, some of them based on my friend’s Sto advice. Isn’t it nice when ... Read more

LAURA DERN — WILD & Enlightened

Her long-running career has included plum roles in such films as “Mask”, “Blue Velvet” and “Jurassic Park”. Along the way, Laura Dern’s won two Golden Globe Awards: One was for her portrayal of Florida’s secretary of state in the HBO film Recount, and the second for her role as Amy Jellicoe in that cable ... Read more