Katherine Maher Issue

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Katherine Maher, CEO and Executive Director of Wikimedia Foundation

When you find out Wikipedia is the one of the most visited (top ten) websites in the world, it just makes sense. It’s where curious minds land and often your first search result when “Googling” an unfamiliar topic. In the age of fast, safe-at-a-distance communication, ABILITY Magazine’s inquiring mind, Chet Cooper, needed some answers ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Fall in Line

I‘ve been traveling the East coast for my AFMX schools which has been the highlight of my summer and fall 🙂 It has been exciting and fun with my mom and Lindsey. The weather has been off and on with raining and very cold weather but we’ve been lucky with the classes to have ... Read more

Long Haul Paul — On Hold

Most of my speaking events for MS audiences have been cancelled this year due to the pandemic. Likewise, most of the motorcycle events have also been cancelled or postponed until next year. I don’t have to point out, without events to travel to, I am grounded. Three quarters of the year have passed and ... Read more

Katherine Maher Issue Crossword Puzzle

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Lachi — Music for the Soul

Little seems to hold back Lachi, a prolific New York City-based recording artist, songwriter, and diversity inclusion advocate. Interviewed by ABILITY ten years ago, she has since expanded her music repertoire, recording a wide variety of music, influenced by multiple genres, and reflective of her many passions. She has released songs with SONY and Warner Music, collaborating ... Read more

Athletes with disabilities competing at the IRONMAN: successes, failures, inclusion and accessibility

The IRONMAN triathlons are among the most physically and mentally demanding endurance challenges on the planet. Athletes from every corner of the world compete: many fail, others succeed. ABILITY Magazine spoke with Tricia Downing, Roderick Sewell, Minda Dentler and Carlos Moleda about their athletic achievements as paratriathletes. Additionally, Bob Babbitt, founder of the Challenged ... Read more

Challenges and Chances: Navigating the US Healthcare System with a Chronic Condition

“Do I have cancer? This thought had been on my mind for months. I could have received answers immediately, but my insurance kept denying the MRI necessary to rule out cancer. I am just one of many people fighting for their rights within the US healthcare system every single day.” ABILITY Magazine speaks with ... Read more

Why this election is crucial for people with disabilities

LISTEN TO THE ARTICLE HERE  (We would love to know if you find this audio narrative an enjoyable option) November 3, 2020, might become one of the most important days in American history, especially for people with disabilities. It may decide over whether a person with a chronic illness or disability will have access to ... Read more