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Syrian Refugees–“We Left Everything Behind”

One hundred fifty-three years ago, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman issued his definitive statement on war: “War is Hell.” In 2013, Syrian Christians and Damascus residents 14-year-old Mariamma (Mary) and her 16-old brother Outha (Joseph) were caught in the middle of a battle between rebels and government forces. They decided to split up. While ... Read more

War on Disability–Refugees Face Unique Challenges

Since the beginning of the war in Syria, thousands of refugees with disabilities have tried to escape to Europe, facing scarcity, death, and war, without the proper assistance and protection to meet their basic needs. Reports show that approximately 30% of crisis migrants from Syria have special needs due to physical, sensory, or intellectual ... Read more

LILY BANDAK — A Clear Focus

Photographer and advocate, Lily Bandak, and her colleague, San Diego State University professor and administrator Caren Sax, recently spoke with ABILITY’s Lia Martirosyan and Chet Cooper about ringing the link between travel, education, photography and disability into focus. Chet Cooper: Tell us about your photography background. Lily Bandak: My family is from Bethlehem in ... Read more

Sharjah’s — Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi

At the recent assistive technology conference in San Diego, ABILITY’s Chet Cooper and Lia Limón Martirosyan caught up with Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi and Amal Al-Khamis. They’d flown in from Sharjah, one of the seven United Arab Emirates (UAE). Chet Cooper: Does Sheikha mean “princess” Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi: In ... Read more