Lupus Clinical Trial Update: New Phase III trial in Lupus Nephritis Underway

Lupus trial
There are currently no FDA approved treatments for lupus nephritis; however several promising studies looking at potential treatments are underway.

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing therapies to treat targeted patient populations that are suffering from serious disease with a high unmet medical need, initiated a new study that is accepting eligible participants.

The study, called Aurora, is evaluating an investigational drug, voclosporin, for the treatment of lupus nephritis.

Approximately 324 participants with biopsy confirmed lupus nephritis will be enrolled in this study at multiple sites around the world.

You may qualify for the Aurora study if you:

have not had a kidney transplant
are not on renal dialysis
are currently taking corticosteroids
have a diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus
are spilling protein in your urine
have had a previous kidney biopsy

Visit or contact for more information.

The Lupus Foundation of America works to educate and inform about clinical trial study options available to people with lupus and the importance of getting involved to help advance lupus research. The Lupus Foundation of America does not endorse specific trials. More information about lupus and clinical trials in your area can be found by visiting the Lupus Foundation of America’s National Resource Center on Lupus at

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