Hackaday – Making an Exo-Skeleton Arm for $100

Hackaday project by Kristjan Berce – an Exo-Skeleton Arm (ExoArm)

Our friends at Hackaday always have interesting projects.

An affordable Exoskeleton Arm (ExoArm), that will help elderly, people with a disability and workers complete everyday tasks with less exhaustion.

I remember watching my grandmother struggling when moving heavy things around when I was younger. So when I was 15, I had big plans on making an exoskeleton arm that would help her. I had a notebook filled with sketches and designs (I turned whole house upside down to find it but I think it’s lost) of the ExoArm using buttons and no microcontroller. Good times.

Now that I’m older, I have a new goal. The goal is that people who can’t afford to buy those expensive exo-arms, have a chance of making one by themselves. From scratch, with little to no money. I’ve received many mails from people from third world countries that will try and make one by themselves! And this is so awesome!

Kristjan Berce

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