Making the Move

L to R: Walgreens conference, Davin Joseph Tampa Bay Buccaneers Man of the Year and Ashley giving here speech to a reseptive audience.

My big move.

I just started a new adventure. I moved from my home in St. Augustine, Florida, to California. I travel back and forth so much because most of the motocross industry is in Southern California and most of my friends are here, too, so I decided it was time to head west.

Off and on, I’ve been looking for a house in Cali, but every time I came for a visit nothing really caught my eye. In November, my friend Jeff told me about this one house that sounded too good to be true. I saw lots of pics and videos of it and had several different people check it out for me. Then I decided to just go ahead and buy it. I made the right choice; the house is beautiful and I love it!

I was kind of nervous leaving the comforts of St. Augustine, where my family was right down the road, but I decided to follow my dream of living in California. One of my roommates from Florida moved back to California with me, and since then I’ve found two more roommates. It’s definitely not boring or lonely at my new place.

I bought the house in November, but had a couple more trips to do and some speeches to give before I could move in. Then my family wanted me to be home for Christmas, so I didn’t relocate until the end of January. That’s when I packed everything I own into boxes.

Wow, I didn’t realize how much stuff I had until I had to move it all. It was never-ending. My roommate, Brittany, was already in California, but flew back to drive out with me. My dad and my grandpa also came; they drove the moving van, and Britt and I followed in my truck. We were loaded down.

When we arrived, my dad and grandpa decided to stay an extra week to help me set everything up and get my utilities turned on. We were all really busy that week, trying to accomplish as much as we could and we got a lot done. I was very proud of my new place.

My family really misses me, and I miss them, too. Lucky for me this is a wonderful time for deaf people. My parents and I text every day and have a virtual face-to-face Skype call at least once a week, So I get to see them, and they can see me, and it makes being far away not lonely at all.

About a month after I moved, my mom received an email from Red Bull of Tampa asking me to give a motivational speech to Walgreens’ managers in Tampa, Florida. She quickly sent me an e-mail, asking if I wanted to come home and do the speech, in part so that we could all see each other.

Red Bull let me come in a day early and my mom, dad, brother and grandpa all drove over to pick me up from the airport and we got to hang out. Mom stayed with me so I could practice my speech; she helped by interpreting. My dad and my brother stayed in a “dog friendly” hotel because they brought along the new puppy I had gotten them for Christmas. We even got to go to a dog beach to hang out.

I recently flew back from Tampa, and all went well. The Walgreens team was very welcoming and friendly. I felt a little awkward at first because there was no Audio Visual equipment available and I was worried when I couldn’t show a video of what I do. But my talk still seemed to have an impact on everyone.

The whole trip was a lot of funz and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next!

L to R: Walgreens conference, Davin Joseph Tampa Bay Buccaneers Man of the Year and Ashley giving here speech to a reseptive audience.
L to R: Walgreens conference, Davin Joseph Tampa Bay Buccaneers Man of the Year
and Ashley giving here speech to a reseptive audience.

Ashley Fiolek

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