Many disabled millennials struggle to build credit, a Unicorn and John Legend might have the answer!

Unicorn card

Many people with disabilities struggle to build credit, a Unicorn might be the answer. It’s called the “Unicorn card” and boasts no fees, no interest, spending on future paychecks, customizable settings, credit optimization, self-destructing account numbers, a solid metal card, and the card doesn’t cost anything to users. John Legend has backed startup — considered a game-changer to the banking industry.

Unicorn card features “Check Please” “Friend or Foe” “Stealth mode”

Unicorn card also has several unique capabilities: “Check Please” allows one to authorize a transaction in advance and thus avoid a potential card decline. “Friend or Foe” allows one to trust or restrict transactions on an individual merchant level. “Stealth mode” allows the card user to create a shadow account, with a completely different set of identification numbers, that can be used for transactions that could potentially be risky, and then deleted.

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Unicorn cardholders build credit automatically, ensuring that users won’t have to worry about managing their spending to optimize credit, because the’s back-end will do it for them. The interface is designed to generate “financial insight and control for a younger generation,” says CEO Ry Brown. 

The card’s activity can ultimately be translated to a FICO credit score. Ry Brown states, “credit has been a tool for suppression, and this product is trying to change the ecosystem”. President and Cofounder Dylan Brow states, “our mission is to build a premium product for all people.”Unicorn card app

About: The Unicorn card, is issued by Wilmington Savings Fund Society (WSFS) and licensed by Visa. The team includes, an astrophysicist, twenty engineers, several attorneys, journalists, a 3D animator, and an active dedicated staff all working to maximize the ins and outs of banking. Learn more.

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