Max Gail Interview with Lia

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Excerpts from the Max Gail Apr/May 2015 Issue:

Lia — Music & Laughter

China — Poetry

George Carlin — Private Property (The ARCHIVE Files)

Redefining MS: Long Haul Paul

Armenia — A University of Change

Max Gail — Takes the Lead

Comcast, CSUN — Beta Access Check (Video)

Ashley Fiolek — Time to Teach

Articles in the Max Gail Issue; Ashley Fiolek— Time to Teach; Humor — Another Wrinkle?; Geri Jewell — Jury is Out; China — Poetry; CSUN — Beta Access Check; Dyslexia — New Method of Learning; Armenia — A University of Change; Zach — Nothing but Net; Long Hall Paul — I have MS!; George Carlin — Private Property (The ARCHIVE Files); Comcast — Access into Your Imagination; Max Gail — Takes the Lead; Lia — Music & Laughter; Sailing — Fun with Special Olympics; ABILITY's Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences... subscribe

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