Michelle Nario-Redmond

Michelle Nario-Redmond, interviewed by Pastora Carson and noticing they are wearing the same shirts
Michelle Nario-Redmond, interviewed by Diana Pastora Carson and noticing they are wearing the same shirts

Michelle Nario-Redmond specializes in stereotyping, prejudice, and disability studies. She graduated from the University of Kansas in 1996 with a Ph.D. in social psychology, and her research on disability identity shows that self-conceptualization as a member of the disability community has positive implications for self-advocacy and political participation. Other research demonstrates that simulating disability can backfire, worsening support for disability rights.

In 2019, Michelle published “Ableism: The Causes and Consequences of Disability Prejudice” — the first book to review the social science literature on disability prejudice and its undoing. Each chapter includes voices from across the disability community and activist pages to promote social change. Her work appears in Basic and Applied Psychology, British Journal of Social Psychology, Emerging Adulthood, the Journal of Social Issues, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Perspectives on Psychological Science, Rehabilitation Psychology, Self and Identity, and Social Cognition. She also contributed chapters to the Handbook of Positive Psychological Interventions, and Disability: Social Psychological Perspectives.

Michelle is passionate about research-informed policies for social justice, universal design, and increasing citizen access. A former Ford Fellow, Michelle is a graduate of APA’s Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology, and the Chair of Hiram College’s Diversity Committee. In collaboration with her daughter, Ceara, she created a school-based intervention to raise awareness of disability culture as a valued aspect of human diversity.

In partnership with Diana Pastora Carson, M.Ed.
Author: Beyond Awareness: Bringing Disability into Diversity Work in K-12 Schools & Communities, and children’s book Ed Roberts: Champion of Disability Rights, ADA 30th Anniversary Edition https://www.dianapastoracarson.com/store

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