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Ashley FiolekI normally do most of my MX classes in the summer time but I recently had a “spring” class in Texas. It was at a track in Floresville, Texas. When I was growing up racing this was one of my favorite tracks to ride/race at. My family and I have been there many times and I made a lot of racing friends there that I still talk to even now.

I was a little frustrated at first because I had planned on taking my new camper and it had been raining so much here in Florida I didn’t know if I could even get it off our property. My dad kept telling me not to worry that my truck would pull it out, but I had my doubts. Our land looked like “Lake Fiolek” 🙂

A few days before I was suppose to leave it looked like more rain in the forecast, so I asked my dad to move my trailer up to the front of their house so I could get it ready and packed up. Well he tried to get it out with my truck and my truck couldn’t even make it back to where my trailer was parked! I started to panic and asked him to try our tractor. The tractor is old and small for a tractor so my dad didn’t think it would work, but he decided to give it a try. He hooked everything up and it made it! I think he was more shocked than I was!

When we had it pulled up to the front I realized my truck seemed “off” when I hooked it to my trailer. I started to do some research and I felt like my shocks were bad. I took my truck in to be checked and the shocks were shot. I had to have them replaced. I got them fixed and hooked my trailer up. My battery was dead on my trailer, but I thought once I hooked it up to the car it would recharge. My fridge started working so I loaded up our food and packed up the trailer. The next morning I went out at 7:00 to get ready to leave. I tried to start the truck and the battery was dead it had been drained by the trailer 🙁 My mom had to come out and jump my truck for me, she told me to try and not turn it off for awhile so it could recharge. I drove for about 3 hours and then I needed gas, I turned the truck off and the battery still died. I thought my trailer was causing it so I bought a new battery for my trailer and installed it and it seemed to be working great. Well I didn’t get far when my truck battery died again! Argh! I had to call AAA for help…. boy so far this trip was a bust haha….

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When we finally arrived in Texas we still didn’t have an interpreter for my MX class. My mom couldn’t make it this trip and all my friends that can sign were busy. I was trying to find one off of websites, but wasn’t having any luck.

It also looked like rain…. was this class even going to happen? I went to the store and bought a write on board I was just going to write everything down for my students. On the night before my class we finally heard back from an interpreter that was willing to help me out for my two day class! Yay! Also, the rain clouds passed over and it was going to be a beautiful day.

The class was great and I had a really fun time with all the riders. It was touch and go there for a while with all of the issues, but it all finally came together in the end.

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I’m looking forward to my next riding adventure. I will be headed to California for a Babes in the Dirt 5. Its a great experience its just for girls that ride and we hangout and camp together. This will be my third year going and Husqvarna is flying me out to teach some of the girls how to ride and show them around the trails. I’m really looking forward to it, hope to see you there!

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