NATIVE Hotels and ABILITY Magazine are Partnered to Expand Awareness for the Need and Benefits in Accessible Destinations

Since 2010, NATIVE Hotels have worked with clients, hoteliers and engineers to provide better experiences for all.

Your accessible journey begins on an accessible website, perhaps as accessible as NATIVE’s, where you can browse the Internet without looking at the screen, without touching the keyboard and without talking to the computer. Simply by blowing, touching any key or emitting a sound. It’s not magic, it’s technology for everyone. NATIVE Hotels offers revolutionary solutions to hotels and any kind of accommodation worldwide.

NATIVE is a nonprofit entity, an NGO, and seeks global hospitality brands ready to go forward with solutions for comfort and safety of millions of customers.

Thanks to NATIVE’s alert wristwatch, deaf customers are alerted in the event of a fire. Deaf customers can laugh at a jokes cracked at the table thanks to a portable loop.

Blind customers  can tell the difference between body lotion and shampoo by reading Braille labels.

NATIVE Hotels provide accessible and safe menus. The QR code of Chef’s Voice system in translates into 12 languages and helps blind customers choose food items. It also filters out foods with allergens to avoid surprises in the restaurant.

And … how about enjoying a trek riding a camel with your wheelchair in the desert?











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