“Dead End Drive” short film, long on talent

A fun sized short film “Dead End Drive” is LIVE so if you’re hungry for some entertainment, it’s just a click away. Starring ABILITY Magazine friends Tobias Forrest, Eileen Grubba and Austin Basis. Executive producer David Zimmerman and directed by Alexander Yellen. Video with Captions: Video with Audio Descriptions:

Meet Elin, The German Sesame Street’s First Muppet with a Disability

A muppet with a disability moves into the German Sesame Street: Elin. She is a young girl who likes tinkering with tech, talks a bit much, sometimes mixes up words and uses a wheelchair. Elin is now a permanent and regularly appearing character in “der Sesamstraße” on the German TV channel Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR).  ... Read more

Christoph Glötzner, the Young German Paralympian, Racing Towards Gold!

60, 59, 58 – Christoph Glötzner can see the countdown ticking down on the large black clock right in front of him. 57, 56, 55. He’s wearing a yellow and black suit and holds ski poles in each hand with mini skis attached at their ends. The athlete in front of him had just ... Read more

Uber Sued for Overcharging People with Disabilities — Justice Department Settlement Agreement

Uber commits to changes and pays millions to resolve Justice Department lawsuit for overcharging people with disabilities, The Department of Justice (DOJ) had filed a lawsuit alleging Uber violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which prohibits discrimination by private transportation companies. According to the complaint, Uber began charging passengers wait time fees in ... Read more

It’s About T.I.M.E.: Music For All! 

It’s about time for music to be inclusive. It’s about time for bands to be made up of people with disabilities. It’s about time that music is for all. It’s about time for T.I.M.E.: a UK-based charity on a mission to bring music to everyone! ABILITY Magazine’s journalist Karina Sturm spoke with co-founder Rob ... Read more

Greg Grunberg & Celebrity Friends Talk About Epilepsy and Beyond!

Greg Grunberg is known for much more than his roles in “Heroes” and “Star Wars.” Beyond his acting, production company and playing in celebrity cover bands, Greg Grunberg dedicates time to his passion of building awareness of people with epilepsy and other disabilities through celebrity podcasts, videos and other creative productions. ABILITY’s Chet Cooper, ... Read more

Actors with Disabilities Help Diversity in Hollywood

A growing number of Studios, Casting Agents, Organizations, Film Festivals know about the future of inclusion with abilityE SAG-AFTRA, Casting Society of America, Warner Brothers, Netflix, Paramount, 20th Century Studios, DreamWorks Animation Television, Lionsgate/Starz, Cinestate, Google, CBS, Bunim/Murray, EmpowerHouse, Final Draft, KMR, Focus on Ability Short Film Festival, ReelAbilities, Easterseals, RespectAbility and many more. ... Read more

Many disabled millennials struggle to build credit, a Unicorn and John Legend might have the answer!

Many people with disabilities struggle to build credit, a Unicorn might be the answer. It’s called the “Unicorn card” and boasts no fees, no interest, spending on future paychecks, customizable settings, credit optimization, self-destructing account numbers, a solid metal card, and the card doesn’t cost anything to users. John Legend has backed startup — ... Read more

abilityE — Disability Talent Source for the Entertainment Industry

Casting offices are looking for actors with authentic disabilities — shifting from actors acting if they have a disability. After posting your free profile on keep an eye out for messages about casting calls. A few possible questions you might have: abilityE is free to performers/talent/actors The site is built for performers/talent/actors with disABILITIES Performers/talent/actors ... Read more

CJ Jones — comedian, actor, writer, director, producer

? For the entire world, 2020 brought new challenges. For CJ Jones, 2020 brought opportunity to live his passion. Having a decades long career as a deaf comedian, actor, entertainer, writer, director and producer, Jones is using his wealth of knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry to give back. He’s seen the need for ... Read more

Inclusiveness and Apathy in the Workplace

Fostering Culture Change to Combat Apathy in the Workplace: A Discussion on Inclusiveness The United States is well versed in what to say in order to appear as if actions are being made toward positive change. Paying so-called “lip service” to topics of critical experience comes naturally, and is in fact seen as a ... Read more

Fake Mask Exemption Cards Lie about ADA Rules as Freedom to Breathe Citizens Fight with Health Rules and Science

Face coverings seem to have become a staple in today’s world. Celebrities can be seen sporting Gucci coverings, while others have turned their sewing skills into small businesses. Posts have gone viral showing their effects in reducing viral spread. However, despite how simple these cloth coverings may seem, there is controversy erupting regarding the ... Read more

Max Blake joined the Carolina Hurricanes

Max Blake joined the Carolina Hurricanes junior sled hockey team just a few months ago and finished a spectacular season-opening tournament. He scored eight goals in five games, including a hat trick (three goals in a single game) that left a positive impression on coaches and teammates back in January. He was excited to ... Read more

The Greatest Story Never Told… Yet — Tough Sledding: The Movie

Filmmakers Shed Light on 2002 Sled Hockey Quest for Paralympic Gold It was fall 2001. The United States national sled hockey team was finishing one of their first training camp weekends, which were grueling four-day marathons on the ice as the team paraded around to different cities once a month in preparation for the ... Read more

Joe Pantoliano, aka Joey Pants

Jun/Jul 2012 ABILITY’s Chet Cooper met up with Joe Pantoliano, aka Joey Pants, at a Belgian restaurant in New York City recently. The popular character actor has appeared in such films as Risky Business, The Fugitive and The Matrix. His skill at playing scumbag mobster Ralph Cifaretto on the hit HBO series The Sopranos ... Read more

Howie Mandel Interview

Jun/Jul 2011 Howie Mandel may be fashionably bald now, but as a teenager he brushed his hair in the girl’s bathroom (where we met his future wife), used a blacklight to scour his room for germs, and took thousands of showers, owing to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Today Mandel says his off-kilter adolescence helped pave ... Read more

Camryn Manheim

Activism and happenstance, Camryn Manheim explains, led her to become a skilled sign language interpreter, accomplished actress, and champion for people with disabilities in the entertainment industry. Manheim is best known for her role as Ellenor Frutt on The Practice and, recently, Lieutenant Cosgrove on Stumptown. While practicing social distancing with ABILITY’s Shelly Rohe ... Read more

Vint Cerf — Co-creator of the Internet and Email

Related: Find out how Vint Cerf Recovered from COVID-19 Chances are you are reading this article online. Are you on the Internet? Or are you on the World Wide Web? Is there a difference? For our younger readers, you may feel like these things have always been around. For the rest of us who ... Read more

Meet Haben Girma: disability rights advocate and first deaf-blind Harvard Law School graduate

On September 7, 2019, San Francisco’s Ferry Building is packed. People with service animals, wheelchairs, crutches, and all kinds of assistive devices find their way to a special event at the Book Passage, a community bookstore with a 40-year history in the Bay Area. Surrounded by ceiling-high shelves with colorful books, the small room ... Read more

Netflix’s ‘The Healing Powers of Dude’ Sophie Kim and abilityE

Sophie Kim is a 13 year old junior high student. She sings in the school choir and enjoys spending time with her friends and her dog, Kiwi. Sophie’s life changed last year when she suddenly became a professional actress. Netflix decided to cast a young actress, who authentically uses a wheelchair, in one of ... Read more