Disability Hate Crimes Rising Astronomically in England, New Report Finds

The Number of Hate Crimes in England, Wales Rose Sharply in 2017-2018 Period It’s difficult for most people to wrap their heads around. How is it possible that hate crimes could still take place in the US and England in 2018? So often we think of modern society in the United States and the United ... Read more

Disney Working to Block Dozens of Lawsuits Related to ADA, Autism

Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida are two of the most legendary theme parks in the world. But for some visitors with severe autism, Disney’s iconic parks are anything but magical. And now, the Disney Corporation wants to stop dozens of lawsuits from reaching court and tarnishing their image as a place ... Read more

Arkansas Group Finds Half of State’s Polling Stations Lack Accessibility

As Americans, there are certain freedoms that empower us and grant us the ability to directly impact change. Our freedom of speech and our right to assemble are big ones. So too is our rarely-touted ability to access information freely. But one element of our freedom outweighs the others combined in sheer importance, directly ... Read more

Beyond “Self Advocacy” — Basic Rights College Students with Disabilities Should Know

High school students with disabilities support their learning needs mainly through their parents’ advocacy. Upon entering college, however, a bombshell is dropped when these students are told their parents are no longer allowed to advocate for them. Colleges nationwide call this “self advocacy,” with the high-minded rationale that it is necessary and good for ... Read more

Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act of 2018, Designed to Protect Passengers with Disabilities

 U.S. Senate vote of 93 to 6 to passes the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act of 2018 (H.R. 302). The legislation includes a ‘bill of rights’ and an advisory panel for passengers with disabilities, as well as revised training and procedures for TSA screenings of people with disabilities. “Passengers with disabilities deserve equal access ... Read more

Review: Netflix Doc ‘Quincy’ Explores Life and Career of Quincy Jones

Unless you hail from some small village never before visited by outsiders, and this is one of your first times ever using the Internet, chances are you’ve heard music written, performed, arranged, and/ or produced by Quincy Jones. And if you happened across any popular music from the twentieth or twenty-first century in that ... Read more

Texas School Board Votes to Remove Helen Keller from History Curriculum

Many Americans cringe when they see the Texas School Board in a news headline. And this headline, sadly, is no exception. On Friday, the Texas School Board voted on changes that will affect students in Texas of every grade, with the purported goal of “streamlining” social studies curriculum. Amid their pending changes is the ... Read more

Will Trump Admin. Deregulations Lead to More Disability?

“You know what this sky really needs? More smog and filth in it.”                                                                                   ... Read more

Disability Advocate Testifies Against Kavanaugh at Confirmation Hearing

Nothing about us without us. It’s a popular phrase in disability advocacy circles. And its meaning is pretty self-evident. Don’t make decisions for us without our input. That shouldn’t be too big an ask in most circumstances. In fact, it shouldn’t even really need to be asked at all. And on Friday, during the final ... Read more

Are You Prepared for Hurricane Florence?

More than one million people have been ordered to evacuate regions of the Eastern seaboard today as Hurricane Florence steams her way toward Virginia and the Carolinas. The category four hurricane is expected to make landfall Thursday evening, at which time it may escalate to a category five storm. Evacuating from the path of ... Read more

Jacksons Foods Settles EEOC Discrimination Lawsuit for Deaf Worker

A chain of convenience stores in the Pacific Northwest learned the hard way this week that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is not a piece of legislation you want to mess around with. Jacksons Food Stores, Inc. settled a lawsuit after Nathaniel Prugh, a job applicant who is deaf, was refused a job ... Read more

U.S. Access Board to Hold Forum on Assembly Area Accessibility – Be There!

On September 6th 2018, the U.S. Access Board will hold a public forum on accessibility and assembly areas. The daylong event will focus on accessibility issues related to the design of movie theaters, dinner theaters, performing arts centers, lecture halls, stadiums, arenas, grandstands, and other assembly venues. It will be structured as a town hall meeting ... Read more

Trump SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh Draws Opposition From Disability Groups

Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, is Picking Up Opposition From Disability Advocacy Groups It goes without saying that any potential Supreme Court pick Donald Trump might have nominated would have surely caused political division in contemporary America, a country with public discourse persistently teetering on the cusp of implosion. And Trump’s recent nomination ... Read more

People with Disabilities have Severely Limited Access to Justice System, Report Finds

No one ever finds themselves sitting in a courtroom and thinking about how happy or lucky they are to be there. Not unless you’re a plaintiff on the cusp of raking in a big pile of money, anyway. Unfortunately, a new report from the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs (G3ict) shows that people with disabilities ... Read more

Judge Allows Mass. School to Continue Use of Electric Shocks on Students with Disabilities

The United States has made tremendous legal and social strides for the civil rights of people with disabilities. Society has evolved to a place where discrimination is, in the very least, unacceptable to many and rarer than it once was. But there’s still plenty for advocates of people with disabilities to fight for. And ... Read more

Toyota’s New Car Share Service: One More Step Toward Tackling Mobility

In the world of corporate charity and advocacy, there are generally three types of companies. First, you have the companies that donate money to causes, sometimes looking for a cushy tax write-off. Next, there are companies that apply their know-how and resources toward advancing causes they believe in. And then there’s Toyota, who really ... Read more

Senate Passes International Marrakesh Treaty Benefiting the Blind and Visually Impaired

Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act Passes In Senate; Awaits House Vote It’s a pretty rare occurrence on Capitol Hill these days for a bill to quickly get a vote and then pass with bipartisan support. But this week, such a unicorn graced the halls of the United States Senate, with the bipartisan Marrakesh Treaty Implementation ... Read more

Will Automated Vehicles Help or Hurt the Workforce? A New Toyota-Funded Study Hopes To Find Out

On paper, automated vehicles sound pretty enticing. Hopping in your car, telling it where you want to go, and then reading a book while your car itself navigates bustling city traffic without human input most certainly has an appeal that goes well beyond it’s own coolness factor. Self-driving cars can save lives. They can ... Read more

Children with Disabilities Amongst Those Separated from Families at US Border

The stories of children who have been separated from their families and are detained after attempting to enter the United States illegally has been dominating the news and social media in the past week or so. But there are some children who haven’t been discussed in these stories. Children whose stories deserve to be ... Read more