Some Law Makers Seek to Rewrite the Rehabilitation Act with Controversial New Bill

The Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are without question the two most critical pieces of legislation ever penned in support of the civil rights of people with disabilities. But a controversial congressional bill floating around Capitol Hill seeks to modify the language of the Rehabilitation Act, which would have a ... Read more

Trump Administration and Republican Leadership Get Green Light to Cut Billions from the Children’s Health Insurance Program

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) gave the Trump administration and Republican leadership the green light to cut federal spending on children’s health care by $7 billion, including $2 billion in cuts to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Contingency Fund and $800 million in cuts to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI). ... Read more

‘Disability Integration Act’ Getting Little Movement Despite Growing Bipartisan Support

It’s been more than a year since the Disability Integration Act has seen any movement on Capitol Hill. It was referred to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (otherwise known as the HELP Committee) in April of 2017, where it hasn’t moved since. But while sluggish movement is commonplace in the House ... Read more

Dr. Hans Keirstead: Fighting to Cure Cancer, and Fighting for California

Interview Preview: Dr. Hans Keirstead If you were to write a fairy tale centered around a living personification of the American Dream, Dr. Hans Keirstead would be as strong a contender for the protagonist’s role as any you could hope to invent on paper. Born and raised on a farm in British Columbia, Keirstead ... Read more

Meet The Improvaneers: The World’s First Comedy Troupe Made Up of Performers with DS!

The Improvaneers Are a Groundbreaking Ohio Comedy Troupe For decades, improv groups have provided us with some of the most famous comics in the world. Second City gave us Dan Aykroyd and Stephen Colbert. The Groundlings made Will Farrell and Melissa McCarthy household names. It makes you wonder… what future stars might be born in the ... Read more

Veteran Soldier Ride Participants to be Honored at White House

More than 70 veterans with The Wounded Warrior Project will visit the White House this week to be honored during an annual ceremony hosted by President Donald Trump, as part of the ongoing festivities surrounding Soldier Ride. Soldier Ride is a four-day adaptive cycling program that takes place each year in Washington DC. Wounded veterans ... Read more

This New Depression Treatment Involves Red Wine and Dark Chocolate

For most adults, drinking red wine and eating dark chocolate is a fairly surefire method of making a bad day better. Toss in a good movie and a comfy blanket and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a quality evening that can put a sweet note on a sour day. Knowing this, it shouldn’t ... Read more

Deep Learning Project Using AWS DeepLens to Translate American Sign Language Alphabet to Speech

At the intersection of technology and American Sign Language Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently held a hackathon challenging people to put DeepLens, the first Artificial Intelligence camera, to good use. One couple came up with the ability to translate ASL into speech using DeepLens and SageMaker. And Amazon just announced DeepLens will be available to the public in ... Read more

New Font Combines Braille with Existing Characters

Braille Neue is a universal typeface that combines braille with existing characters.  This typeface communicates to both the sighted and blind in the same font. Braille Neue Standard is for English alphabet and Braille Neue Outline is for Japanese and English. Braille Neue founder Kosuke Takahashi‘s aim is to use this universal typeset for ... Read more

Salvation Army to pay $55,000 to settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

When Good Organizations do Bad – Salvation Army Refused to Hire Qualified Applicant at Wasilla Store Due to His Intellectual Disability   According to the EEOC’s suit, the Salvation Army, a global humanitarian organization, refused to hire Eric Yanusz as a donation attendant, an entry-level position, at its Wasilla, Alaska thrift store. The position ... Read more

Milestone or Minefield? Hawaii Passes Aid-In-Dying Bill

Hawaii’s State Legislature passed a fiercely-debated bill on Thursday that will allow those suffering with terminal illnesses to determine for themselves whether or not it’s time for them to end their own lives. House Bill 2739, the “Our Care, Our Choice Act,” which was openly supported and endorsed by Governor David Ige (D), allows ... Read more

Diabetic Alert Service Dogs Sniff More Than Crotches and Butts

Dogs sure do love to sniff stuff, don’t they? The sidewalk, trees, fire hydrants, bits of canine and human anatomy we probably shouldn’t mention here… dogs seem to poke their noses around with reckless abandon and an utter disregard for humility. But what if dogs could use their impeccable sense of smell for something ... Read more

New Emojis Representing People with Disabilities Proposed by Apple

Person in Manual Wheelchair; Deaf Sign; Person with White Cane; Prosthetic Leg: Service Dog with Vest and Leash. Person in Power Wheelchair; Ear with Hearing Aid; Guide Dog with Harness; Prosthetic Arm Working with American Council of the Blind, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and the National Association of the Deaf, Apple’s submission to Unicode: ... Read more

Vision Enhancing Relúmino Needs to be Seen

Relúmino, named for the Latin word meaning ‘to return back the light’, is now a visual aid app for people with low vision. VR + APP = SEE Relúmino is a visual aid app used with virtual reality devices for people with low vision. By running the Relúmino app on a mobile phone connected ... Read more

Oksana Masters Wins Gold with Broken Arm

Oksana Masters won her second Paralympic Gold Medal in Middle Distance Cross Country ski event — Plus elected U.S. Flag Bearer for Closing Ceremony! (18 Mar 2018) Unofficially, it’s reported Masters has 5 broken bones in her arm. With arm wrapped for support, Masters fought the pain to win the Cross Country Sit Ski ... Read more

NATIVE Hotels and ABILITY Magazine are Partnered to Expand Awareness for the Need and Benefits in Accessible Destinations

Since 2010, NATIVE Hotels have worked with clients, hoteliers and engineers to provide better experiences for all. Your accessible journey begins on an accessible website, perhaps as accessible as NATIVE’s, where you can browse the Internet without looking at the screen, without touching the keyboard and without talking to the computer. Simply by blowing, ... Read more

Paralyzed Veterans of America Fight Rolling Back Airlines Required Tracking of Lost and Damaged Wheelchairs

Paralyzed Veterans of America et al. v. U.S. DOT As Paralyzed Veterans’ Case Against Administration Moves Forward, Veterans are Going To Washington To Lobby Congress Democracy Forward filed a petition for a writ of mandamus on behalf of Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) in their case against the Department of Transportation (DOT) for unlawfully ... Read more

Israeli Doctors Restore Eyesight to the Blind in Papua New Guinea

A team of medical experts from Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer just returned from a successful medical humanitarian mission to Papua New Guinea where they performed over 80 vision-restoring eye surgeries. The mission was led by the Israel Center for Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Response at Sheba Medical Center. heba Medical Center, Tel ... Read more

ADA Education and Reform Act (HR 620) Passed by a 225-192 vote #HandsOffMyADA

UPDATE 2/15/18 American Association of People with Disabilities The House of Representatives passed the ADA Education and Reform Act (HR 620) by a 225-192 vote. We are extremely disappointed and downright angry to see this blatant attack on the civil rights of people with disabilities to access places of public accommodation and now look ... Read more

ABILITYJOBS.ORG Launches First Accessible Online Career Fair

ABILITYJOBS.ORG is the first platform to emulate the live career fair experience accessible for job seekers with or without disabilities. With the support of, ABILITY Magazine and VTC—ABILITYJOBS.ORG presents an accessible face to face video career fair technology to corporations, governments and non-profits so that they may actively recruit candidates in the most ... Read more