Nick Vujici's wife hugs him from behind, both smiling, with a backdrop of ships docked in a harbor.

NICK VUJICIC — Excerpts from Love Without Limits

Nick Vujici's wife hugs him from behind, both smiling, with a backdrop of ships docked in a harbor.


Nick, you were worried that you would never find a woman who could love you. How did those insecurities affect your relationship with Kanae? How did she help you overcome those doubts?

All my insecurities were gone out the window as I saw how Kanae looked at me, held me and how we both felt about each other. There is nothing better than a reciprocated love that’s unconditional. After a relationship that did not move onward, I desired to have a bride whose family would welcome me into their family and hearts. The biggest test for us during our courting period was when I went through a personal financial crisis. Seeing Kanae’s commitment to stand by my side no matter what was the most amazing discovery of how deep her love was for me. She looks at me, and I can tell she doesn’t see limbless Nick. Shshsh 🙂

What was the biggest adjustment once you were married? Was there anything you dealt with that surprised you about being married?

There were several adjustments we handled once we were married. My caregivers never slept over anymore and there was the balance of me needing care sometimes but not always and then balancing the fact that I don’t want my wife to assume the role as a caregiver either. I think the biggest surprise was actually seeing what our counselors said was true—that it’s always more about giving than even sharing from a day-to-day basis and that goes for both sides. Also we learned that nothing the counselor could ever tell you can ever completely prepare you for marriage. Lastly, I am reminded daily of what I need to work on in my character as a man to be all that I want to be for her and our son Kiyoshi.

Your son Kiyoshi was born a day after your first wedding anniversary. How did having a baby change your marriage?

It changed everything in such a beautiful and chaotic way all at the same time. Our focus now is not just on each other, but him. I can say nothing ever can prepare you for parenthood. You just jump in with both feet and roll with the punches. It is quick to see what things I can’t handle that Kanae seems to handle quite well. A lot of the responsibility was and is on her as I cannot do most things for him, but as he is getting older we are interacting, playing and reading books together. Kanae and I never thought that we as human beings had the capacity to love someone so much as we love our baby boy. It is a deeper and new dimension altogether that we love. We hope to have more children in the future so that Kiyoshi has a sibling or two.

Cover photo of Love Without Limits. NIck and wife sit on sofa with a backdrop of lake and misty mountains.



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