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Ashley Fiolek - Sushi Break!I just finished an MX class in Cali, picked up my new Husky, and am packing up to relocate back to the east coast, close to my parents!

Over the last several months, I have been traveling to different states for my MX schools, while I’ve also have been getting addicted to racing my new mountain bike (MTB). Wow! What a thrill it is to race downhill! I just love it.

My adventures continued recently when I went with my friend, Lindsey, to Mt. Bachelor in Oregon, where we camped for a week. I felt nervous because I’m not a huge outdoors kind of person, but it was such a blast!

I guess I only ever went through Oregon on my way to races in the past, and never really had a chance to visit and take in how beautiful the state is. During our trip, I got to kayak and fish and ride my MTB. They even had a course near the campground, which was a fun place to ride.

Ashley, wearing a sunhat and street clothes, sits on her mountain bike while looking out over a river.Funny story: We were trying to buy some wood at the camp store, but the rangers seemed kind of scary. We felt nervous to talk to them, so I was trying to search on my phone for information on buying wood, when one of the rangers said, “Hey are you Ashley Fiolek the motocross racer?” Talk about a small world! After that they chatted us up, and we realized they weren’t so scary after all!

During our trip, we went to my manager Miki’s house and hung out there, too. It was nice to find the time to catch up.

Back from Oregon, we headed out again to Park City, UT, for some downhill riding/racing. I had such a huge smiley face as my adrenaline got pumping. I jumped on my MTB and raced around the track, which was absolutely amazing and totally reminded me of the thrills I get on my dirt bike!

Soon I’ll be heading up to Canada for another two-day school, I’m really looking forward to it because Mom is coming to interpret for me, and we always have crazy, fun adventures together! Plus Canada is so beautiful. It’s nice to be outside there teaching my classes!

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