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Long Haul Paul – Do Turkeys Fly South for Winter?

By the middle of January in New England, all the smart birds and retirees have migrated south, escaping the frozen world of winter. As I typically spend the winter months riding to indoor motorcycle shows in places like Illinois, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, it has been nice not having to watch the weather channel for ... Read more

Keah Brown – The Power of Delusion or Determination

Keah Brown loves cheesecake and Paramore and Usher and Demi Lovato. “These are things that matter to me just as much as conversations around disability and cerebral palsy.” mentions the journalist, writer and creator of the viral hashtag #disabledandcute. She has released two books, “The Pretty One” in 2019 and “Sam’s Super Seats” in ... Read more

Chandra Wilson – From Grey’s Anatomy to CVS’s Mitochondrial Anatomy

Dear theater, Grey’s Anatomy, and everything Emmy nominated Chandra Wilson fans! ABILITY is happy to share our interview with Wilson. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she is an upbeat, positive, light of a human. Drawn to the stage from a very early age, seems like theater was her first love and something she ... Read more

Airports Embracing Hidden Disabilities

On the Spectrum. Once those three little words label a child, youth or adult, a new journey begins. A voyage, steps into the unknown world of a vast horizon. Those who guide these unique individuals always face one certain element: problems. We do know with the wonderful progress in today’s world though, problems are ... Read more

Durable Accommodations – A story of Accessibility, Struggles & Love

This article is about Joaquin Carson, a 53-year-old autistic man, and his family, and a life-challenging access need. I am his sister Diana Pastora Carson, writing with his permission to share this story. 11 years ago, our family won a 3-year court battle and was able to bring my brother home from 15 years ... Read more

Access Trax – Kelly Twichel’s Path Less Traveled

There have been countless products created for accessibility, but few of them have the potential to affect society on such a profound level as Access Trax. That’s because it’s far more than just the only foldable, lightweight, durable pathway designed to increase wheelchair access over uneven terrain. And more than an awesome, environmentally friendly ... Read more

The Journey is the Destination – Dustball Rally & Tribute to Dede Rogers

A bountiful soul, this article is in memoriam of Dede Rogers, the backbone of Dustball Rally. Her charity endeavors, including the El Paso Humane Society, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House El Paso, Polo Real, and Child Crisis Center El Paso, speak to her altruistic nature and selfless spirit. Throughout my ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek – Yamaha is Calling

Just got back from California, again! I had to go back and forth for both rounds of the SX races. It wasn’t 2 trips I planned on making, but it was for an awesome reason! Yamaha asked me to be their brand ambassador which has been a dream of mine for some time now. ... Read more

The Future Isn’t Curing Disability, the Future Is These Two
Threatening Wheelchair Users We Found in a Weird Stock Photo

Genetic therapies and scientific studies have long been pointing toward a future where nobody is disabled, but a new stock photo indicates the future might be quite the opposite. The picture shows two individuals who appear to be leading a strange cult of disabled supermodels. They are holding hands, but in a menacing way, ... Read more

Christoph Glötzner, the Young German Paralympian, Racing Towards Gold!

60, 59, 58 – Christoph Glötzner can see the countdown ticking down on the large black clock right in front of him. 57, 56, 55. He’s wearing a yellow and black suit and holds ski poles in each hand with mini skis attached at their ends. The athlete in front of him had just ... Read more

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