Lalia Susini Issue

Lalia Susini Issue

Hannah Orban — Equalizing Opportunities

“I’m committed to policy-making that improves the lives of people with disabilities,” says Hannah Orban, an advocate, public policy specialist, and Fulbright scholar from Sydney, Australia. “We have to redouble our efforts to dismantle disabling attitudes. People with disabilities have been fighting tooth and nail for far too long.” For Hannah, these issues are ... Read more

Lilia Susini Crossword Puzzle

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Celebrating Scrupulosity

From sunup to sundown, starting in my 11th year, I found myself beset by constant, overwhelming fear. I’d been raised Catholic, and thoughts of sin, confession and guilt relentlessly plagued my mind. Years later, I would learn that I’d developed the religiously inflected version of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) known as “scrupulosity,” but at the time, ... Read more

Yu Xiaodan: A Mastectomy Bra Designer

On April 29th, 2021, Beijing-based Yu Xiaodan Studio held its first bra fitting session for mastectomy patients.  Twelve volunteers aged between 29 and 62 arrived that day. It was around three or four o’clock in the afternoon, and the studio was filled with warm sunshine. The 62-year-old customer was the first to undress. “Let’s ... Read more

Dean Kamen — Segway and iBOT Inventor

Circa 2002 Dean Kamen is an inventor, an entrepreneur and a tireless advocate for science and technology. His roles as inventor and advocate are intertwined—his own passion for technology and its practical uses has driven his personal determination to spread the word about technology’s virtues and by so doing to change the American culture. ... Read more

Jeryl Prescott — Walking Dead, Educator and Sarcoidosis Advocate

Jeryl Prescott shares how a well-rounded life experience led to her career as a writer, director and actor. She mined her experiences working in trucking, in college classrooms, and as a mother and wife to sink her teeth into character development in roles like “Jacqui” on “The Walking Dead.” Prescott deepens her engagement with ... Read more

Maria Teresa Lago – Laying Foundations for the Next Generation

When Maria Teresa Lago logs on to Microsoft Teams from her home in Geneva, she does so with her infant son on her lap. She’s a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), her son’s not yet one year old, and she wants him to see firsthand the multitude of ... Read more

Lalia Susini on School, Sports, Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury

You may have seen Lalia Susini after she landed her first big role on ABC’s hit TV show, “Station 19”. Lalia, a sweet-natured young lady was quite poised as she recalled a horrible accident that happened to her at just 11 years old. “My grandfather was pushing me on the swing,” an ordinary day, ... Read more

10 Years — Long Haul Paul Chasing the Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

A decade may seem like a long time when you are in line for an ice cream cone or a covid test, but for me, the last ten years have flown by in a nano second. It was just ten years ago, on a long ride to my home in New Hampshire from Daytona ... Read more

iBOT Personal Mobility Device

Mobuis Mobility team members Dawn Hameline and Megan Yeigh sat down with ABILITY’s Sabrina Bertucci and Denise Miller to discuss the improved design of the innovative iBOT. The personal mobility device utilizes advanced electronics, sensors, battery technology, and software so you can go where you want to go. Barriers to accessibility are too common ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Day in the Dirt

Red Bull and FastHouse invited me to attend this years “Day in the Dirt” during March. It was held at the Dade City Race track in Dade City Florida. I was very excited to go but that meant I would have to load up my bike and drive for 35 hours to get there! ... Read more

Maya Chupkov — Becoming a Proud Stutter

Maya Chupkov has been stuttering all her life and faced many challenges because of her speech pattern. However, instead of hiding her disability, she is now using her podcast Proud Stutter to shift the narrative around stuttering. ABILITY’s Karina Sturm speaks with Maya Chupkov in an interview for ABILITY Magazine’s new podcast about her ... Read more

Robbie Watene — Coffee and the Seeds for Disability Integration from New Zealand to Mexico, and Beyond

Robbie Francis Watene, can be thought of as a seed planter. From planting ideas about human rights in her research at the Donald Beasley Institute, to planting coffee in the hills of Mexico. She has grown an international inclusive supply chain through her formation of The Lucy Foundation (named after her prosthetic ‘Lucy Leg’). ... Read more

It’s About T.I.M.E.: Music For All! 

It’s about time for music to be inclusive. It’s about time for bands to be made up of people with disabilities. It’s about time that music is for all. It’s about time for T.I.M.E.: a UK-based charity on a mission to bring music to everyone! ABILITY Magazine’s journalist Karina Sturm spoke with co-founder Rob ... Read more