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Su Qing: Life Extended in Documentary Films

Born and raised in Inner Mongolia and now living in Beijing, Su is an independent documentary film director who worked at Chongqing TV and China Central Television between 1998 and 2002. During that time, several of his productions were released globally, including the TV serial drama Chinese Cultural Relics and the documentary series the ... Read more

Finding a new purpose: Jonathan Ayers donates 20 million to protect wild cats

After a spinal cord injury, successful businessman and previous IDEXX CEO Jonathan Ayers has found a new purpose in protecting wild cats. Ayers recently teamed up with Panthera, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing innovative strategies to save the world’s wild cat population, and donated $20 million for wild cat conservation measures. ABILITY Magazine’s Karina ... Read more

Long Haul Paul — Progress or Progress?

Progress can be great. After six months of trying to locate custom motorcycle parts for my world record attempt motorcycle, I am happy to announce the project has finally been started. Later this summer, I will attempt to be the first person to document riding the Iron Butt Association’s challenge called the 50CC. The ... Read more

Ashely Fiolek is on the move

Happy Summer everyone! Well not really yet, but it finally feels like summer at least here in Florida. Just watched the outdoor round of Moto at Pala Raceway out in California, so excited the outdoor races have started again it looks like it will be a heated series, I’m really looking forward to watching ... Read more

Sheila Houlahan — an Indian-American actor, singer, producer, writer and mental health advocate

Sheila Houlahan, is an Indian-American actor, singer, producer and writer who recently played a supporting role in Warner Bros.’ “The Little Things” with co-stars Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto. Houlahan had leading roles in “Beloved Beast”, a Lionsgate film in which she played the older version of leading character Nina, and “Wallflower”, ... Read more

Wheel Pad — Accessible Tiny Homes

This is a story with the potential to bring hope and real connection to those who have lost theirs. It’s a story about giving people with mobility issues a chance to regain their independence while growing accustomed to their new life. And all thanks to Julie Lineberger and architect Joseph Cincotta, a husband-wife team ... Read more

Notre Dame College’s Learning Center is Thriving

Sending your eighteen-year-old off to college typically involves a heady mix of excitement and fear. Will it be a good fit? Can they handle life on their own? Will they succeed? Now magnify those worries for parents of students with documented learning differences, such as Autism and ADHD. Who will understand them? Will they self-advocate ... Read more

Congressman Ted Lieu — A veteran supporting veterans plus cybersecurity, environment, mental health, reliable media, anti-Asian crime and more.

In one of the most difficult times in modern history, the Covid-19 pandemic caused great inequities and great need to bubble up into the public view. These disparities are not new; they just became more pronounced in a country on pause. Americans count on their elected officials to take these issues from their communities to ... Read more

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