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Metrolink introduces new ticket machines with accessibility features

Metrolink announces the installation of 133 new ticket machines at its stations across Southern California. The new machines improve the customer experience through improved reliability, a focus on accessibility, and smarter, more customer-friendly features, such as touchscreens. The machines comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), featuring voice enabled technology, a headphone jack ... Read more

Emergency Preparedness for the Most Vulnerable Californians. Plan B?

Recently, my family had a scare. We had a fire threaten our property, our home in the mountains of Jamul, an unincorporated town in San Diego County. Contrary to most assumptions, potentially losing our houses on the property was not the actual scare. The scare was that my brother, Joaquin, who experiences severe autism ... Read more

50+ Recruiters in online disABILITY Job Fair

Job Seekers with disABILITIES Wanted! Sign up now! Best to register several days before the ABILITY Job Fair event. Be sure your read FAQ and be prepared to meet your possible future. Meet recruiters from: CBRE, Union Bank, Department of Homeland Security, NSA, Jefferson Lab, Inmar Intelligence, Randstad, Vectrus, AQR International, IRS and Cornerstone

Fake Mask Exemption Cards Lie about ADA Rules as Freedom to Breathe Citizens Fight with Health Rules and Science

Face coverings seem to have become a staple in today’s world. Celebrities can be seen sporting Gucci coverings, while others have turned their sewing skills into small businesses. Posts have gone viral showing their effects in reducing viral spread. However, despite how simple these cloth coverings may seem, there is controversy erupting regarding the ... Read more

Max Blake joined the Carolina Hurricanes

Max Blake joined the Carolina Hurricanes junior sled hockey team just a few months ago and finished a spectacular season-opening tournament. He scored eight goals in five games, including a hat trick (three goals in a single game) that left a positive impression on coaches and teammates back in January. He was excited to ... Read more

Liu Xia: Writing for Life with Faith and Fortitude

“We need to see both sides of life. If there is only emphasis on the good side, that is self-deceit. It is necessary to be aware of the bad side, but we need to keep hope in the worst times.” Liu Xia sees poetry as an alternative reality she can visit. “There all is ... Read more

‘Lego Oma:’ German grandma creates Lego ramps to access buildings and imagination

Most Germans have heard of Rita Ebel, better known as the ‘Lego Oma.’ The 62-year-old lady with the short blonde pixie cut and a Hessian dialect is known all over the world since her wheelchair ramps made entirely from Lego have become a tourist attraction in the city of Hanau, Germany, and beyond. Rita ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Things getting back to normal?

Time is flying by its almost summer and most of us have been stuck indoors. I hope everyone is doing well and staying entertained! I am lucky we live in a tiny house on my parents ten acres in Florida. We have been able to be outside a lot and hang by the pool ... Read more

First Day of School No kindergarten for me we went right at it Beginning as we crossed East Tenth and my brother mocking me ‘You can’t even spell dog,” and this before it turned to God or sew to so their or there way before that What does it mean I can’t spell dog ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Virus 2020

Remember the old days when you used to have to get up in the morning and go to work. It seems so long ago. This coronavirus has certainly taken its toll on the economy but, on the upside, it has given a lot of people a sweet vacation. I wonder how many people used ... Read more

How YAI, Next for Autism and Cure SMA are supporting their members during COVID-19

ABILITY Magazine contacted three large organizations and their members about the changes in how they operate during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. YAI, located in New York State, discussed their current situation in their housing facilities as well as their COVID-19 database, which offers information for people with (intellectual) disabilities. NEXT for AUTISM described what ... Read more

Yeah, It Feels Like This — Long Haul Paul

The world as we know it has gone viral. Just about every country is in some form of shut down, restricting movements and affecting every aspect of normal daily life. Coronavirus was not on anyone’s calendar and it’s devastating collateral damage is still unfolding. Who, what, where, when and how long are questions even ... Read more

Vint Cerf Interview part 2

Chet Cooper: Do you have a connection with Tim Berners-Lee with him inventing the World Wide Web? Cerf: It’s an interesting and somewhat remote connection. Tim started his work around 1989. By this time, of course, the Internet was not only in operation, but it was also beginning commercial operation. There’s a distance of ... Read more

Tom Steyer — Tasked with Creating a Just, Sustainable and Robust Recovery

Businessman and climate activist Tom Steyer first spoke with ABILITY during his run to be the 2020 Democratic nominee for president. In that interview, Steyer spoke about policies he’d push through on behalf of people with disabilities: namely, to fully fund the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act ... Read more

Accessibility and Inclusion: ‘This is who we are’ – PBS KIDS, a model for all media

For more than 50 years, PBS has strived to be as accessible as possible to a broad audience, and they have paid particular attention to including children with a variety of disabilities. ABILITY Magazine’s Karina Sturm spoke with Vice President of PBS KIDS Digital, Sara DeWitt, about PBS KIDS’ efforts to make their shows ... Read more