Prescribing LOL

Hand squeezes a syringe of as a laughing yellow liquid drop falls from the needle.Has a doctor ever given you a prescription for laughter? No? Too bad, because laughter may very well be the most non-toxic, life-altering drug we can get! It doesn’t matter what’s ailing us, whether it be cancer, diabetes, cerebral palsy, high blood pressure, or arthritis—laughter can help all those conditions. Not to mention other things that may threaten our well-being, such as unemployment, grief, traffic jams, and the tremendous confusion and stress of trying to wrap our brains around the Affordable Healthcare Act and other insurance matters.

The good news is that no matter what insurance policy you have, or what your deductible is, laughter is free! Yup, it’s free, and if your doctor will not write you a prescription for it, then write your own. If you have to have a visual, then take an empty pill bottle, put a “laughter” label on it, and fill it with sugar-free candy. Every time you take a laughter pill, you must laugh for 10 minutes! Dosages may vary, but I personally recommend at least three “pills” a day.

Why? Because it will make you feel better, and that good feeling is highly contagious, so you’ll help others feel better too! Laugh with your family, friends, colleagues and doctors. If this is not possible, then laugh all by yourself. You might even consider laughing with strangers. However, I do caution that your laughter be in good fun, no cruel jokes at someone else’s expense. That will only prolong whatever ails you in the first place.

It might also surprise you that you don’t even have to have a sense of humor to laugh, although it certainly helps. Laughter is a powerful healing tonic physiologically. The brain does not know the difference between a real laugh and a phony one—unlike a fake orgasm. When we laugh, the brain releases endorphins that ease the stress and pain we’re dealing with. Truthfully, if I personally did not have a sense of humor, I would have given up a long time ago.

Recently I had to meet with a social worker about the daunting ...
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by Geri Jewell

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