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Airports Embracing Hidden Disabilities

On the Spectrum. Once those three little words label a child, youth or adult, a new journey begins. A voyage, steps into the unknown world of a vast horizon. Those who guide these unique individuals always face one certain element: problems. We do know with the wonderful progress in today’s world though, problems are ... Read more

Access Trax – Kelly Twichel’s Path Less Traveled

There have been countless products created for accessibility, but few of them have the potential to affect society on such a profound level as Access Trax. That’s because it’s far more than just the only foldable, lightweight, durable pathway designed to increase wheelchair access over uneven terrain. And more than an awesome, environmentally friendly ... Read more

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation — Empowering Youth with Disabilities

The Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF) is seeking proposals focused on its vision to empower youth with disabilities to lead productive lives through increased employment. Proposals should present effective, scalable strategies to prepare youth with disabilities (<26) for the workforce, which helps them successfully transition to inclusive, competitive employment. Preference is given to projects ... Read more

Notre Dame College’s Learning Center is Thriving

Sending your eighteen-year-old off to college typically involves a heady mix of excitement and fear. Will it be a good fit? Can they handle life on their own? Will they succeed? Now magnify those worries for parents of students with documented learning differences, such as Autism and ADHD. Who will understand them? Will they self-advocate ... Read more

Many disabled millennials struggle to build credit, a Unicorn and John Legend might have the answer!

Many people with disabilities struggle to build credit, a Unicorn might be the answer. It’s called the “Unicorn card” and boasts no fees, no interest, spending on future paychecks, customizable settings, credit optimization, self-destructing account numbers, a solid metal card, and the card doesn’t cost anything to users. John Legend has backed startup — ... Read more

Chen Ang — Therapist

“Easy. You may feel your muscles stretching a bit, but it’s okay. I’ll take care of that.” The patient’s upper arm was held up in one hand, the wrist cupped by all five fingers of the other, so that her glenohumeral joint could be rotated gently in rhythm, as it was now, overseen by ... Read more

New design by Staki provides people with disabilities the joy of skiing

Eva, who has multiple sclerosis (MS), can now ski easier than walking Press Release: Ms. Eva has been struggling with multiple sclerosis (MS) for nearly thirty years. It primarily affects the mobility in her right leg. Although her diagnosis is overwhelming, she has been trying to devote herself to sports in her spare time ... Read more

Metrolink introduces new ticket machines with accessibility features

Metrolink announces the installation of 133 new ticket machines at its stations across Southern California. The new machines improve the customer experience through improved reliability, a focus on accessibility, and smarter, more customer-friendly features, such as touchscreens. The machines comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), featuring voice enabled technology, a headphone jack ... Read more

SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desks

SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desks Choose your comfort level with a SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desk Does your fixed height desk provide you with the maximum comfort that you expect while at work? SmartMoves adjustable height desks are ergonomic and fully customizable, giving you control to set a desk height that best suits your needs and ... Read more

New Podcast Series Addresses the Challenges of Eldercare

Working Daughter, a community for women balancing eldercare, career, and more, has launched a new podcast series aimed at the millions of Americans caring for aging parents. Hosted by Liz O’Donnell, founder of Working Daughter and author of the new book, Working Daughter: A Guide to Caring For Your Aging Parents While Making A ... Read more

Online ABILITY Job Fair for Job Seekers with disABILITIES

Next online ABILITY Job Fair Dec 3rd, 2019 Recruiters from Google, Amercian Express, Paul Hastings, Aetna, United States Secret Service, Glacier Bancorp, Avnet, and more met hundreds of job seekers with disABILITIES.  The ABILITY Job Fair is an online accessible face to face video platform and partners with and ABILITY Magazine. Accessibility Features: ... Read more

United of Omaha Whole Life Insurance

Now, from United of Omaha Life Insurance Company and Companion Life Insurance Company… *Terms and Conditions apply. Contact for details. Click here to learn more Call 866-386-7614 Our Products & Services Section is a dynamic marketplace showcasing companies looking for your business. Buying from our advertisers supports our causes

Visions for the Future of Mobility at CES

Five finalists in the three-year Mobility Unlimited Challenge have been unveiled at CES in Las Vegas. The Toyota Mobility Foundation launched the $4 million global challenge in 2017 in partnership with Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre, with the aim of improving the lives of millions of people with lower-limb paralysis. The Challenge invited engineers, innovators, ... Read more

Rush University Medical Center

Rush University Medical Center has been on the frontline of institutions promoting disability rights, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In recognition of these efforts, Rush University Medical Center and Rush College of Nursing were honored with the 2004 Henry Betts, MD, Award from the ... Read more

Toyota’s $4 Million Mobility Unlimited Challenge — Driving Innovation

Mallory Weggemann, NBC reporter for the Winter Paralympics in South Korea; announces crowdsourcing campaign to find ideas for $4 million Mobility Unlimited Challenge Global crowdsourcing campaign launched to identify solutions to the challenges faced by people with lower-limb paralysis, as part of the Mobility Unlimited Challenge Digital campaign will ask people with lower-limb paralysis ... Read more

College of Charleston REACH Program

College is Possible! What is the REACH Program? The REACH Program at the College of Charleston is a four-year, fully inclusive certificate program for students with mild intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The program promotes the advancement of knowledge and skills in the areas of academics, socialization, independent living and career development. The College of Charleston’s ... Read more

Freedom Adaptive Systems

If you would like to have a great fishing adventure and need a little help holding a fishing rod; call us or catch us on the web. Experience the difference that control, independence, confidence, and excitement make when you use Freedom Adaptive Systems’ fishing rod holders. Thank you and have a great day. Click here ... Read more

Zoomax USA

Zoomax, established in 2011, is a developer and manufacturer of technology dedicated to creating independence for people with vision impairments offering a full line of low vision products, including handheld, portable and desktop video magnifiers. Zoomax became a Rejoin Solutions’ subsidiary in 2014. The parent company, Rejoin Technology Co., Ltd headquartered in Hangzhou. was ... Read more


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Amara Amara is home to an award winning subtitle editor that makes it easy to caption and translate video. Amara also hosts volunteer localization & accessibility communities, and offers professional tools and services for subtitles. Amara is a platform that enables the crowd-sourced creation of captions, subtitles and translations of web-based video and audio media. ... Read more