ABILITY Magazine - Push Girls Issue

Push Girls Issue
Excerpts from the Push Girls Issue Aug/Sept 2012:

Billie Jean King — Bouncing Back

ABILITY Award — Accenture and Prudential

China — Exposing the World

Push Girls — Living Large

John Williams — He’s the Man

Joint Replacement — Hard as a Bone

Articles in the Push Girls Issue; Senator Harkin — Working for Jobs; Ashley Fiolek — Switched at Conan; Paralympics — Better Than the Olympics?; ABILITY Award — Accenture and Prudential; DRLC — Affordable Health Care Act Benefits; Billie Jean King — Bouncing Back; Joint Replacement — Hard as a Bone; Tourette’s — A Friendly Fil; Geri Jewell — Paper or Plastic; China — Exposing the World; Push Girls — Living Large; Marathon — Horses Help Vets to Heal; John Williams — He’s the Man; ABILITY's Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences... subscribe

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