Raising the Human Vibration

Geri Jewell Human Vibration

For some reason, so many of us are going through horrific challenges. It feels as though the universe is throwing curve balls at an unbelievable speed, and just when we think we can come up for air, we are hit again. From what is happening globally, nationally or personally, none of us are spared in what we have to process on a daily basis. And yes, on top of everything else, Mercury is in that awful retrograde.

My heart is holding so many friends in a cloak of love, light, and spiritual strength. I am personally so grateful for all that I have been given in life……….especially for the challenges and pain. Why? Because it has allowed me to feel compassion and love for others. The gift of all pain is in the “present” of feeling it so that we can heal and help others to do the same.

For those who do not care or feel genuine love for others, they’re equivalent to a new car, running on empty. It may look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside it is an empty vehicle going nowhere. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves when we are struggling with our own pain, is to help others with their pain. In other words, getting out of “ourselves” and being able to help someone else actually is helping ourselves as well.

Unfortunately, we are living in a world that is screaming “ME! ME! ME!” And that is a part of the problem that we experience in finding solace for anyone. As soon as we are able to shift that “me” energy, then we will find our own pain being alleviated as well. For example, if we are overwhelmed by financial hardship, we can lend someone our time and listen to their concerns and pain (no $$ involved). This allows our heart and mind to be in a “giving” way, rather than “taking” and feeling broke and worthless.

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When we take the time to help others, we lessen our sense of hopelessness. I’ve noticed on social media that a lot of people are sick of hearing “you are in our thoughts and prayers”. And it is not necessarily because they do not believe in God or the power of prayer, but rather that it excludes ourselves from doing anything further to solve the problems or alleviate the pain. So, if we are going to pray for someone, lets also pray that each of us are given the awareness of what we personally can do to help others as well.

Praying for others is a way of asking God, or the universe, or the higher power to care for the person or situation we are praying for. However, if we are not willing to do our own part to truly care (and sometimes taking formidable action), then our prayers do not really carry the belief that anything can actually be done.

In the process of raising the human vibration, we must daily seek awareness in what each of us can do in raising the “human” condition. We may not be able to cure the cancer that a friend has, but we CAN call them, bring comfort to their journey. We may not be able to save someone’s home from going into foreclosure, but we CAN help them to look into options and give them emotional support.

Also, we cannot turn the clock back and bring back all the lives that we lost in the senseless shooting, but we CAN seriously look at our gun laws and make a real effort to lessen the violence that we face on a daily basis. In shaming the students for the marches, we are truly in denial of the pain and suffering, and all we care about is ME ME ME.

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For me personally, I was raised to believe that God helps those who help themselves. So if I really expect God to help me in life, I must help others in life in any way that I can. Being there for someone else opens doors and pathways. Being there for only ourselves and our own needs will not open any doors, pathways or even windows. Let’s all contribute to raising the human vibration – do something, anything, in helping someone today!

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by Geri Jewell

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