Shanghai’s Couple – Team Committed to Runners Who Are Blind

China’s Team of Blind Runners In 2015, Shanghai-based husband and wife team Lu Xiangdong and Li Jiyuan launched Be Your Eyes, a charity committed to helping runners who are blind or visually impaired to train for long-distance running events. They pair young runners with experienced runners to work out and train for competitions. So far they’ve participated in more than 100 activities in and around Shanghai.

In June 2017, Be Your Eyes held a marathon for children who are blind with the support of a special guest runner, Liu Xiang. Under his leadership, the school children all crossed the finish line and each personally experienced the power of running. “Whilst most of the parents flocked towards the starting line to take pictures of their own child, one father of a visually-impaired child who was also blind silently positioned himself near the finish line and used his ears to concentrate so he’d know when his child crossed the finish line,” said Xiangdong, adding, “Those who are visually impaired are now free to run, which in the past I could not dare to think would ever happen—letting the visually impaired participate in movement sports without any barriers. This is what the Be Your Eyes campaign always had in mind.”

Be Your Eyes

Can a person who is blind or has low vision run unimpeded? For most people who are visually impaired, running is a questionable sport and can pose serious risks. For example, how are they supposed to move without safety barriers in place? ...
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by Zhang Simon

This story is part of a series of articles published as an exclusive editorial exchange between China Press for People with Disabilities & Spring Breeze and ABILITY Magazine.

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