Challenges and Chances: Navigating the US Healthcare System with a Chronic Condition

A woman with short brown hair sits in a kitchen. She is wearing a black hat, large earrings and a black shirt with white polka dots
“Do I have cancer? This thought had been on my mind for months. I could have received answers immediately, but my insurance kept denying the MRI necessary to rule out cancer. I am just one of many people fighting for their rights within the US healthcare system every single day.” ABILITY Magazine speaks with ... Read more

Why this election is crucial for people with disabilities

Among voters with a disability, health care is a priority.
LISTEN TO THE ARTICLE HERE  (We would love to know if you find this audio narrative an enjoyable option) November 3, 2020, might become one of the most important days in American history, especially for people with disabilities. It may decide over whether a person with a chronic illness or disability will have access to ... Read more

Preexisting Conditions Making Comeback Under New Trump Admin ‘Guidance’

woman at risk of losing health care
Make Preexisting Conditions Awful Again? New Trump Administration Guidance May Do Precisely That There was a time, not so long ago, when Americans with preexisting conditions — health issues they had prior to changing insurance policies — found themselves faced with a quandary of biblical proportions. Do they get life saving treatments for their ... Read more

Disability Rights Legal Center – The Health Care Act

Uninsured Need Access to Preventative Care
A central tenet to our work in championing the rights of people with disabilities includes promoting access to adequate, affordable healthcare for those with health conditions, including pre-existing ones such as cancer. In accordance with this mission, the DRLC recently submitted an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court in support of the Patient ... Read more