Kathy Buckley — Comedian, Author, Deaf Advocate

Kathy Buckley
If you haven’t heard of Kathy Buckley, then drop whatever you’re doing and Google her. Watch her on YouTube, find her on Amazon. You won’t be disappointed. Known as America’s first deaf comedienne, she’s wickedly funny and highly inspirational. But she’s more than just a comic; her humor is infused with a higher purpose: ... Read more

International Sign Language

international sign language
Variety is one of the greatest assets of language—there are over 7,000 languages spoken worldwide—but it can also be frustrating. We just have to live with the fact that we can’t communicate with most people in the world because of language barriers. There have been efforts in the past to use spoken languages that ... Read more

Jacksons Foods Settles EEOC Discrimination Lawsuit for Deaf Worker

how are you - -sign
A chain of convenience stores in the Pacific Northwest learned the hard way this week that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is not a piece of legislation you want to mess around with. Jacksons Food Stores, Inc. settled a lawsuit after Nathaniel Prugh, a job applicant who is deaf, was refused a job ... Read more