Challenges and Chances: Navigating the US Healthcare System with a Chronic Condition

A woman with short brown hair sits in a kitchen. She is wearing a black hat, large earrings and a black shirt with white polka dots
“Do I have cancer? This thought had been on my mind for months. I could have received answers immediately, but my insurance kept denying the MRI necessary to rule out cancer. I am just one of many people fighting for their rights within the US healthcare system every single day.” ABILITY Magazine speaks with ... Read more

Royce White — Fighting Mental Health Awareness from the NBA to MMA

Royce White
In 2012, Royce White was a first-round NBA draft pick by the Houston Rockets. Articulate and smart, the six-foot-eight Iowa State recruit was a formidable standout on the court. One of few players in NCAA to lead his team on points, rebounds, assists, steal and blocks. Unlike other players, he spoke publicly in college ... Read more