Challenges and Chances: Navigating the US Healthcare System with a Chronic Condition

A woman with short brown hair sits in a kitchen. She is wearing a black hat, large earrings and a black shirt with white polka dots
“Do I have cancer? This thought had been on my mind for months. I could have received answers immediately, but my insurance kept denying the MRI necessary to rule out cancer. I am just one of many people fighting for their rights within the US healthcare system every single day.” ABILITY Magazine speaks with ... Read more

Dr. Hans Keirstead: Fighting to Cure Cancer, and Fighting for California

Hans Keirstead, wife Niki and son Connor
Interview Preview: Dr. Hans Keirstead If you were to write a fairy tale centered around a living personification of the American Dream, Dr. Hans Keirstead would be as strong a contender for the protagonist’s role as any you could hope to invent on paper. Born and raised on a farm in British Columbia, Keirstead ... Read more

Virginia Madsen and Elaine Madsen — “I Know Woman Like That”

Virginia Madsen and Elaine Madsen
Virginia Madsen is a Golden Globe and Academy Award-nominated actress known for her work in Sideways, The Astronaut Farmer, and The Number 23. Her mother, writer-director Elaine Madsen, has a wide range of creative projects on her list of achievements, including a new book of poetry and an Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary. In ... Read more