Gaming for All: Disability, Accessibility and Representation 

Gamers accessible access
Much has changed over the last years regarding disability representation on- and off-screen and accessibility for people with disabilities in all areas of life. However, we still have a bit to go, especially in one particular sector: gaming. ABILITY Magazine’s Karina Sturm speaks with Anita Mortaloni, Director of Accessibility Xbox at Microsoft, about Microsoft’s ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Jing – COVID Video Series

Jing, a woman with short brown hair and a colorful outfit stands in front of a cherry blossom tree.
JING, 36, China   Jing Hu is a 36-year-old published translator from China who lives with cerebral palsy. Having worked behind the computer screen for 15 years, she now hopes to combine her two identities, one with cerebral palsy and one without, into a new pronounced representation of disability and ability. In her video, ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Leroy – COVID Video Series

Leroy, a bald man wearing a black suit sits in a living room.
LEROY, California Leroy is the founder of the Krip-Hop Nation and has been writing the ‘Illin-N-Chillin’ column for POOR Magazine since 1990. He is also a founding member of National Black Disability and activist around police brutality against people with disabilities. Leroy is an activist for disabled people of color and lives with cerebral ... Read more

Disability, Sex and Adult Toys by and for People with Disabilities

Step, a person with shoulder long, brownish hair with red tips, and a beard smiles slightly. They are wearing a grey shirt.
Disclaimer: The following content is for a mature audience due its images and language. “Why are you of all people writing this article?” some of my friends asked me. Good question. As a native German, I grew up in a small, Catholic town in Bavaria – a very conservative city. Sex was the last ... Read more

Gavin McHugh—Acting is a Family Affair

Ed McHugh Gaven McHugh Lisa McHugh
Gavin McHugh, the youngest of five children, was adopted from Riga, Latvia, at the age of two-and-a-half. In 2015, his family moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles to pursue opportunities in the acting industry for his older siblings, while Gavin, who was just starting kindergarten, was fighting to overcome many of his physical issues ... Read more

Transitions – Aging with Cerebral Palsy

Transitions - Aging With Cerebral Palsy
At 57, I am now entering yet another phase as I age with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, a fixed neurological condition affecting, in my case, mobility. More and more, I am experiencing the irritating, annoying and most assuredly painful implications of this lifelong condition. I am still uprightly mobile, much to the consternation of ... Read more

The Cracks of Life – Geri Jewell

Geri Jewell - Still Sparkling
It was more than 20 years ago that Chet Cooper and actress Geri Jewell first met at her home in Southern California, when he went to interview her for this magazine. They reconnected recently at an assistive technology conference in San Diego, where she was the keynote speaker. Later, over dinner, she talked about ... Read more