Maya Chupkov — Becoming a Proud Stutter

Logo of Proud Stutter: An illustrations of two women with long brown hair and some lighter highlights. A colorful background and text: Proud Stutter
Maya Chupkov has been stuttering all her life and faced many challenges because of her speech pattern. However, instead of hiding her disability, she is now using her podcast Proud Stutter to shift the narrative around stuttering. ABILITY’s Karina Sturm speaks with Maya Chupkov in an interview for ABILITY Magazine’s new podcast about her ... Read more

Lachi: Fighting for accessibility and inclusion for musicians with disabilities

A Screenshot of a diverse group of people on Zoom
Lachi is a blind singer and songwriter. However, more than that, she is advocating for talent in the music industry. A few weeks ago, she was part of the 2021 panel on disability and inclusion. Together with renowned violinist Gaelynn Lea, Oscar-nominated songwriter Siedah Garrett, singer and guitarist Ryan Nelson, hip-hop artist Namel ... Read more

In the Business of Spreading Happiness: John’s Crazy Socks

John and Mark Cronin
Donuts, sushi, cute kittens or funny quotes: If you need a creative and fun pair of socks, John’s Crazy Socks will likely have what you are looking for. John Cronin is the co-founder and face of the most diversely stocked sock company in the world. Together with his dad Mark, John is on a ... Read more

Conversation with Ian Harding about ableism, disability language, future film projects and most kept secrets (part 2)

Ian Harding, a man wearing a blue hat and a grey hoodie on top of it is holding up his fist, showing the letters LOVE
Ian Harding is an actor, teen choice award winner, author, and passionate bird lover. Besides being known for playing Ezra Fitz, a controversial character on the show Pretty Little Liars, the 34-year-old is a passionate advocate for people with lupus, an empathetic son to a mother with the chronic condition, and an ally to ... Read more

Disability, Sex and Adult Toys by and for People with Disabilities

Step, a person with shoulder long, brownish hair with red tips, and a beard smiles slightly. They are wearing a grey shirt.
Disclaimer: The following content is for a mature audience due its images and language. “Why are you of all people writing this article?” some of my friends asked me. Good question. As a native German, I grew up in a small, Catholic town in Bavaria – a very conservative city. Sex was the last ... Read more

Arushi Sahay — Social media empowers those with disabilities

Arushi Sahay 
Social media empowers those with disabilities to find a supportive community and share their stories to combat discrimination and the perpetuated ableist narrative.   Those without disabilities often have the preconceived notion that those with disabilities often struggle to become independent and successful. However, people with disabilities now have a powerful platform to reshape ... Read more

Spencer Staggers-Elmore — The practices within personal digital media

Spenser Staggers-Elmore
The practices within personal digital media concepts create a digital space that is primarily safe of unsolicited bias for many as long as digital space and media remain accessible to the public.   Within the realm of visual social media, an individual, regardless of the limit in one’s ability, is allowed the right of ... Read more

Kasturi Sarkar — Impact of visual social media on the integration of people with disabilities

Kasturi Sarkar
What is the impact of visual social media on the integration of people with disabilities to our societies?   As a person without a disability, it is often difficult to understand the daily inconveniences faced by people with disabilities. I’m not proud to say that my understanding of accessibility started and ended with ramps ... Read more

A Doll Like Me — Every Child Should Feel Included

A baby in a colorful outfit sits next to her doll with a limb difference
Children with disabilities don’t often see themselves represented—and if they do, it’s commonly an inaccurate or even harmful portrayal, as the movie ‘The Witches’ has shown in recent weeks. Amy seeks to change this through her work at ‘A Doll Like Me.’ She creates dolls that resemble their owners: children with a variety of ... Read more

The Bazelon Center for Mental Health: Supporting People with Mental Health Conditions

Eve Hill, JD
One out of five people in the US – a total of 51.5 million – live with a mental health condition, including common illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Although the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has improved the lives of many disabled people, the mental health community still faces ... Read more

Challenges and Chances: Navigating the US Healthcare System with a Chronic Condition

A woman with short brown hair sits in a kitchen. She is wearing a black hat, large earrings and a black shirt with white polka dots
“Do I have cancer? This thought had been on my mind for months. I could have received answers immediately, but my insurance kept denying the MRI necessary to rule out cancer. I am just one of many people fighting for their rights within the US healthcare system every single day.” ABILITY Magazine speaks with ... Read more

A Father’s Search to Find a Cure for a Rare Disease

A family photo of father Keith, who has short brown hair and wears a white shirt, his son Bryson, who has blonde hair and wears a similar white shirt, his wife Laura, who has shoulder-long brown hair and smiles brightly, and his older son Connor, who leans on his moms shoulder and has curly, brown-red hair. On Connor's and Laura's lap is a fluffy brown dog, sticking out its tongue.
Keith McArthur is a father, journalist, kidney disease survivor, and rare disease advocate, who put his life on hold to find a cure for his son Bryson’s rare condition. ABILITY Magazine spoke with Keith about his family’s journey getting a diagnosis, his podcast ‘Unlocking Bryson’s Brain,’ and finding a cure for Bryson’s rare GRIN ... Read more

Disability rights activist Raúl Krauthausen

Raul Krauthausen
ABILITY Magazine spoke with Raúl Krauthausen, a disability rights activist from Germany. Raúl has founded the non-profit ‘Sozialhelden’ and works together with his colleague, Svenja Heinecke, on a variety of projects to make Germany and the  rest of the world more accessible. He talks with ABILITY Magazine’s journalist Karina Sturm about his activism, disability ... Read more