Mallory Weggemann — Paralympic Athlete, Producer, Author

Mallory Weggemann
2021 was supposed to be an off-year for Mallory Weggemann. She should have recently competed in her third Paralympic Games. She should have been focusing her time on family. She should have been planning for having children. And she should have had some extra time to promote her newly released memoir, Limitless: The Power of ... Read more

Jennifer Goodman – Actor, Producer, Autism Activist, and Collaborator Ryan Atkins

Jennifer Goodman & Ryan Atkins interview
Jennifer Goodman Karum is shifting perceptions of people with disabilities in entertainment. Goodman, an autistic actress, writer, producer and creator, collaborated with Ryan Atkins, himself a producer and creator, to found Lakefront Pictures. This Chicago-based production studio aims to amplify unheard voices. In their work, diversity and disability are evident in the talent, both on ... Read more

Omnium Circus — Accessibility and Inclusivity

Omnium circus
Omnium Circus is one of the brightest innovations borne out of 2020. Founded by Lisa B. Lewis, it is a nonprofit circus of diverse, multi-abled performers that includes an aerialist born without legs, a clown who is deaf, a contortionist, and much more. Omnium’s mantra is accessibility and equity for all. And the talent is ... Read more

Jameela Jamil: Advocate First, Actress Second

Jameela Jamil
Jameela Jamil, known in the UK as a TV and radio presenter, gained popularity in the US for her role as Tahani Al-Jamil in NBC’s The Good Place. In disability circles, she is recognized as an advocate for disability rights, LGBTQ rights, body neutrality, and her work around social justice. Jamil lives with several chronic ... Read more

Speaking About Speechless–Cedric Yarbrough

Cedric Yarbrough interview
Actor Cedric Yarbrough has a cool, calm, collected vibe about him. He seems genuinely grateful for being able to do what he expresses so much passion for. When talking about his family and especially his mama, their warm pride of his endeavors is felt through his words. It’s refreshing to see that he goes ... Read more

Andrea Tyrimos — Bipolar Picasso

Artist Andrea Tyrimos Bipolar Picasso exhibition
  Prominent London artist Andrea Tyrimos highlights the intersection of art, multimedia and mental illness. When ABILITY’s Chet Cooper and Lia Martirosyan traveled to Tyrimos’ neck of the woods, they nipped into her vibrant studio to explore her portraiture and interview her about her vision for healing the world through truth-telling art. Tyrimos welcomed ... Read more

AVRIL LAVIGNE — Fly High with Special Olympics

Avril Lavigne smiles with a red and black Special Olympics jacket.
Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne has sold more 35 million records worldwide. Her songs “Complicated” and “Girlfriend” rank among Billboard’s Hot 100 singles of the decade. Raised two hours east of Toronto, Canada, she signed a music deal at 17, and recently launched the Avril Lavigne Foundation R.O.C.K.S. to promote Respect, Opportunity, Choices, Knowledge, and Strength in young people with serious illnesses or disabilities. ... Read more

Itzhak Perlman — Musician, Maestro, Advocate

Image: Itzhak Perlman seated with microphone on stage giving laureate address with a deep blue background.
Tune in to your local classical radio station anywhere in North America, and it won’t take long for someone to mention the name Itzhak Perlman. It is rare for a musician in the classical genre to become the rock star that Perlman has become. Known for the tremendous emotion he exudes through each string he caresses, he has taken ... Read more

“Born This Way” — The Cast

Title: Born this Way. Image: The Talented Cast of A and E's Hit show with a backdrop of a brick wall.
On a beautiful summer afternoon in Los Angeles at John Paizis’ Performing Arts Studio West, the cast of TV’s Born This Way met up with David S. Zimmerman, an ABILITY contributor and founder of Meet The Biz, and actress Jamie Brewer of American Horror Story. Later in the conversation, the cast’s families joined them as they talked about life, love, and the ... Read more

Loreen Arbus — Fighting for the Marginalized

Image: Loreen Arbus with a glowing smile seated with a backdrop of a glowing in the warmth of a vibrant reds and golds of her home in New York City.
Entering the home of Loreen Arbus, almost all senses are tickled at once. A never-ending color palette of combinations not typically seen under the same roof, and yet reds, pinks, gold, turquoise, patterns, polka dots all living in perfect harmony. Her love for vibrant energy shows in the pieces of art and sculptures she has chosen to display throughout each room, ... Read more

Art Sets Us Free

Title: Zhenglu Lin Art-A Practice of creating something from nothing. Image a four legged stool spattered with paing sits atop a hillside overlooking a village..
  We would never have thought to look for the town of Shuangxi on a map if it were not the home of the International Art Education Center for the Disabled. What kind of resources allowed the Center to use the terms International and Disabled? What beliefs does its founder, Zhenglu Lin, hold? It was with these questions in mind that ... Read more

Thirst Project — Seth Maxwell, Well to the Max

Thirst Project. Image of a young boy laughing while catching water in his hands under a working water pump
At 19, Seth Maxwell learned people around the world were drinking from swamps, mud puddles and earth dams. He also discovered waterborne diseases kill scores of children every year. When his pastor began preaching about missions to provide safe water globally, Maxwell and six of his friends founded the Thirst Project in 2008, for ... Read more

Zach Anner Interview

Zach Anner
YouTube phenomenon Zach Anner became a household name five years ago when he co-won Oprah Winfrey’s Reality TV competition, Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star. Though his wheelchair travel series, Rollin’ With Zach, was short lived, Anner has kept it moving. His YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers, and ... Read more

Kevin Nealon — Golfing for Cancer

Kevin Nealon - It Takes a Village
Everyone can have a role in curing cancer: from patrons, to researchers, to doctors, and even celebrities who lend their faces—and give generous checks—to the cause. At a recent Tower Cancer Research Foundation event, more than 125 players to a swing to benefit the Second Annual Jack Mishkin Memorial Golf Classic. Jack Mishkin was ... Read more