Humor Therapy — Lockdowns Bringing Me Down

closed store
The COVID-19 lockdowns have been worthless. We’ve been shutdown for months, and more people than ever are sick. The virus is like, “You really think you can hide from me? Do you know who I am? I’m the virus, dammit, and I’ll find you wherever you are. You’re not dealing with some chump here. ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Who Needs People?

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We are quickly becoming an anti-socializing world. Talking to each other has now become a major burden. I don’t believe it’s because we have become boring, people have always been boring. I think it’s from becoming distracted. Things have taken the place of people. We can no longer compete with smartphones, Netflix, and drugs. ... Read more

Camelrot — King Artie and the Legend: Finally the End

Quieting them, the king carried on, “My brave knights, with the Duke on the run, we may now finally turn our efforts towards finding the most sacred relic in the entire world.” Sir Render leapt to his feet, excitingly responding, “The Beowulf comic book!” Unaware, a thin, deathly-looking, pale young man, dressed in black ... Read more

Nic Novicki–Film Challenge

Nic Novicki, The Challenge. Novicki looks forward smiling, sitting in a leather arm chair.
For Nic Novicki, there’s no task too great. Whether in front of the camera, where he’s acted on The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and Private Practice or behind the scenes writing, directing and producing short films, web series, or independent feature films, the guy is adept at just about any role he finds himself in. ... Read more