Syrian Refugees–“We Left Everything Behind”

Man in wheelchair with a tiny boy and bag on his lap. Background of shelters covered in tarps.
One hundred fifty-three years ago, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman issued his definitive statement on war: “War is Hell.” In 2013, Syrian Christians and Damascus residents 14-year-old Mariamma (Mary) and her 16-old brother Outha (Joseph) were caught in the middle of a battle between rebels and government forces. They decided to split up. While ... Read more

John Williams — The Past, My Teacher

Two Major Challenges: The Past Benefits the Present. Image: Man watches the ocean waves while sitting on large rock.
I have had many injuries throughout my 71 years. These mishaps have challenged me physically and mentally. They include being hit by a car three times, breaking my right leg three times in five months, breaking my left wrist and elbow, falling, being kicked in the eye, pulling leg muscles, wrenching my back, having ... Read more

John Williams — What Else You Got?

Dealing daily with stuttering is a tough struggle. In addition, coping daily with Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, severe back pain, mobility loss and fatigue increase are overwhelming. So overwhelming that I ponder these questions daily: Is this life worth living? My answer thus far is yes with reservations. My reservations are: How much ... Read more