Coping in Isolation: Gabriel – COVID Video Series

Gabriel, a non-binary person with curly, short, brown hair, large, white, round glasses and a fluffy cat.
GABRIEL, 27, Toronto, Canada Gabriel is a non-binary podcaster, drag king/gender performer named “Can-I-Bliss,” a disability rights advocate and educator. They have an undiagnosed neuromuscular illness as well as a multitude of syndromes, including orthostatic intolerance, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue. Gabriel uses art and drag to demedicalize themselves and the multiple aids they ... Read more

Disability, Sex and Adult Toys by and for People with Disabilities

Step, a person with shoulder long, brownish hair with red tips, and a beard smiles slightly. They are wearing a grey shirt.
Disclaimer: The following content is for a mature audience due its images and language. “Why are you of all people writing this article?” some of my friends asked me. Good question. As a native German, I grew up in a small, Catholic town in Bavaria – a very conservative city. Sex was the last ... Read more

Why this election is crucial for people with disabilities

Among voters with a disability, health care is a priority.
LISTEN TO THE ARTICLE HERE  (We would love to know if you find this audio narrative an enjoyable option) November 3, 2020, might become one of the most important days in American history, especially for people with disabilities. It may decide over whether a person with a chronic illness or disability will have access to ... Read more

Diversity, Inclusion and Compliance at Seyfarth Shaw

Kevin Fritz Seyfarth
Seyfarth Shaw was founded in 1945 in Chicago by attorneys Lee Shaw, Henry Seyfarth, and Owen Fairweather. After World War II ended in August 1945, Shaw and Fairweather returned to Chicago from a stint with the National War Labor Board and, together with their senior colleague, Seyfarth, set up a boutique law firm specializing ... Read more