Long Haul Paul takes a chopper on a record breaking ride for MS

Long Haul Paul with a Chopper
On July 12th, I managed to set my fourth and probably my dumbest world record and another successful fundraiser for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. With donations from Yamaha, Bridgestone, Low and Mean, Denali Electronics, Aerostich, Rob’s Dyno and Baxter’s Garage, I built a custom chopper from a Yamaha Bolt. With the paint still ... Read more

The Seven Year Itch — Long Haul Paul Fighting MS

One of the lesser reported symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis is itching. It can occur anywhere on the body, and is caused by damage to the nerves in the brain or spinal cord, specifically the nerves that transmit signals to the area of the body that is screaming to be scratched. The skin that is ... Read more

Long Haul Paul bringing MS awareness to rural America

Long Haul Paul rural America
  As  much as I enjoy riding all over the country and hanging out at motorcycle rallies and trade shows, it only takes a minute to remind me of the reason I left the security of a steady job and decided to dedicate my foreseeable future to bring education, inspiration and hope to others ... Read more

Long Haul Paul and Accidental Samaritans

Long Haul Paul Good samaritan
The odds of crushing my motorcycle’s exhaust header into a pancake, destroying the engine sump guard, ripping off the oil filter, having four quarts of oil spew onto both wheels at high speed and living to tell about it are fairly slim, so someone was looking out for me on a cold and wet ... Read more