Coping in Isolation: Jing – COVID Video Series

Jing, a woman with short brown hair and a colorful outfit stands in front of a cherry blossom tree.
JING, 36, China   Jing Hu is a 36-year-old published translator from China who lives with cerebral palsy. Having worked behind the computer screen for 15 years, she now hopes to combine her two identities, one with cerebral palsy and one without, into a new pronounced representation of disability and ability. In her video, ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Jennifer – COVID Video Series

A woman with curly brown hair and glasses smiles.
JENNIFER, 55, New York   Jennifer lives with spina bifida and secondary lymphedema. She enjoys volunteering at animal shelters, where she also adopted her cat, Twiggy. When she isn’t in isolation, she spends time with family and friends, goes out to eat or shopping. In her video, Jennifer talks about the struggles of living ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Jason – COVID Video Series

JASON, 30, Toronto, Canada Jason is a podcaster and disability advocate who lives with fibromyalgia / postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). He was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and is the youngest of three kids and the proud uncle of his nephew and niece. He currently lives at home with his Mom and Dad. ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Gabriel – COVID Video Series

Gabriel, a non-binary person with curly, short, brown hair, large, white, round glasses and a fluffy cat.
GABRIEL, 27, Toronto, Canada Gabriel is a non-binary podcaster, drag king/gender performer named “Can-I-Bliss,” a disability rights advocate and educator. They have an undiagnosed neuromuscular illness as well as a multitude of syndromes, including orthostatic intolerance, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue. Gabriel uses art and drag to demedicalize themselves and the multiple aids they ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Heather – COVID Video Series

A woman with black hair bound at the top of her head and red lips smiles.
HEATHER, 47, Boston Heather is a Boston-based disability rights advocate who lives with muscular dystrophy. She identifies as a black disabled woman and is an author and mother, who loves reading, daydreaming, and chocolate. Her blog Slow Walkers See More includes reflections and insight from her life with disability. In Heather’s video, she speaks about her ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Raúl – COVID Video Series

Raul, a man with short, brown hair, glasses and a hat sits in a wheelchair and smiles slightly.
RAÚL, 37, Berlin, Germany Raúl is a disability activist from Germany, who has been working in the online and media world for more than 15 years. He founded the non-profit ’Sozialhelden’ and invented ‘wheelmap,’ a crowdsourcing, online platform to find wheelchair-accessible places around the world. Raúl regularly protests against German laws affecting people with ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Shelly – COVID Video Series

Shelly, a woman with light brown hair sits on a bench. She smiles and wears a pink jacket and perl earrings.
SHELLY, 48, Los Angeles, California   Shelly is 48 years old and lives in Los Angeles. Immediately after moving to LA in January, she has found herself in self-isolation. Shelly works for ABILITY, specifically on abilityE, the disability casting resource for the entertainment industry. She lives with a condition called cavernous angiomas, small, raspberry-like ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Emily – COVID Video Series

Emily, a woman with long, brown hair sits on a couch smiling. In her arm is a fluffy, white puppy.
Emily, 31, California   Emily is a 31-year-old occupational therapist who focuses on helping other people with disabilities gaining independence living skills. Emily herself is living with a rare condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that has  a major effect on her life. Because of EDS, Emily has had strokes, spinal cord injuries and developed adrenal ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Nancy – COVID Video Series

Nancy, a woman with chin-length brown hair stands on a hill. She smiles and uses green crutches.
NANCY,62, San Jose, California   Nancy is 62 years old and works as a physical therapist with people living with rare diseases. She also has two herself. Nancy lives with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS2) from a nerve injury to her foot and ankle, as well as with a genetic condition called BRCA2, a ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Leroy – COVID Video Series

Leroy, a bald man wearing a black suit sits in a living room.
LEROY, California Leroy is the founder of the Krip-Hop Nation and has been writing the ‘Illin-N-Chillin’ column for POOR Magazine since 1990. He is also a founding member of National Black Disability and activist around police brutality against people with disabilities. Leroy is an activist for disabled people of color and lives with cerebral ... Read more

Coping in Isolation: Jacob – COVID Video Series

Jacob Fraker, a young man with short brown hair is standing in a park. He has a beard, wears a blue sweater and smiles. It's a sunny day.
JACOB, 27, Sacramento, California Jacob is a 27-year-old graduate student from California living with cystic fibrosis (CF). He was born and raised in the small rural town of Sonora, CA with his older brother, who also has CF, and his two sisters. Jacob spent most of his early adulthood working in nonprofits engaged in ... Read more

How YAI, Next for Autism and Cure SMA are supporting their members during COVID-19

Nicholas Santoro is part of ‘Project Search’
ABILITY Magazine contacted three large organizations and their members about the changes in how they operate during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. YAI, located in New York State, discussed their current situation in their housing facilities as well as their COVID-19 database, which offers information for people with (intellectual) disabilities. NEXT for AUTISM described what ... Read more