Athletes from Russia and Belarus Banned from Competing in the 2022 Winter Paralympics

Olympic truce symbol
In a statement on the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) website published on March 2, 2022, the IPC shares their “sympathies for the Ukrainian athletes” and their “delight that the full delegation of the Ukrainian Paralympic Team arrived safely in Beijing.” They also emphasized that Russia needed to be held accountable for the breach of ... Read more

NBCUniversal announces unprecedented programming of Paralympic Games 

The skyline of Tokyo, Japan with the text: Games of the XXXII Olympiad, Tokyo, Japan - July 23 - August 8, 2021
The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the most important events for high-class athletes all around the globe. They train for years to compete for their countries and win a medal. Olympics, Paralympics – both showcase the world’s elite athletes. There really isn’t much of a difference. However, historically, media coverage of the Paralympics has ... Read more

Introducing Dan Quayle

Introducing Dan Quayle
Everybody in the White House has a sandbox, including the offices of the president and the vice president. Between 1989 and 1993, I served Vice President Dan Quayle as special assistant on disability policy. Thus, my sandbox was the first to have the sign that read “Disability Policy.” Others included “Domestic Policy,” “Foreign Policy,” ... Read more